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Note N309 :

Individuals : Spencer John
As of February 2000, John and Charmaine were living in Traverse City, MI.


Note N310 :

Individuals : LNU Charmaine
As of February 2000, Charmaine and John were living in Traverse City, MI.


Note N311 :

Individuals : Spencer Louis
As of February 2000, Louis lived in Grand Rapids, MI.


Note N312 :
Letter from Jeffry Tinkham, 18 Feb 2008 states that Berry is an attorney.


Note N313 :
Max was born in Russia and adopted by Berry and Heather in 2001.


Note N314 :
As of March 2002, Lyndall lived in Chagrin Falls, Ohio.


Note N315 :

Individuals : Gresham Robert Wade
He died before March 18, 2002, according to Sally's obituary.


Note N316 :

Individuals : Wolff Mary Emma
Mary Emma was the first child of Chas and Emma Wolff. She died when she was almost 2 years old. Her death certificate says that she was born in Green Ridge, Statan Island, Richmond County, NY. Her father was Chas Wolff born in Germany and her mother was Emma A. Wolff. The place of death was Green Ridge, Statan Island. Mary Emma died of Membrainous(?sp) Croup. The attending physician was E. A. Hervey. She was buried at Woodrow Cemetery. This information comes from entry #585 on January 8, 1888 in the Register of Deaths in the Town of Westfield, Richmond County, State of New York.


Note N317 :

Individuals : Hoff Caroline
There is a ? in front of her name because it is difficult to read on the 1870 Census, but it is an entry for a female, age 9. Caroline doesn't show up on the 1880 Census with her family. She could have married or died between 1870 and 1880.
between 1870 and 1880.
I have a record of a Carolum Hoff's christening, but the date is several years off and the mother's name is Maria(husband Joseph).


Note N320 :

Individuals : Schutter Derk Willems
Derk was a farmer, according to his marriage record at the Dutch civil registers at The same information appears on his death record as well as the facts that he was born in Stedum and that his father Willem Jans was a farmer too.


Note N321 :

Individuals : Schuetze Friederike Juliane (227)
Both of her daughters' baptismal certificates state their mother's name as Friederike Juliane. Her daughter Marie Dorothea's marriage certificate states her mother's name as Juliane Friederike. Marie supplied this information when her mother was still alive, but it seems as if the baptismal certificate would be more likely to be correct.
d be more likely to be correct.
Friedericke's maiden name of Schuetze is also spelled with an umlaut over the "u," eliminating the "e."


Note N322 :

Individuals : Schuetze Wilhelm (454)
According to the Lassronne/Winsen churchbooks, Wilhelm was Juliane's father and townchef(another translation was city cook). He was from Luneburg.
CONC neburg.
According to the Luneberg Lutheran Church, Hanover, Germany, church records, Wilhelm and his wife Catharine Maria Siegmund were married AFTER having seven children together. I have copies of the seven baptismal certificates where the parents are Wilhelm and Catherine. I would write to the church secretary to confirm the marriage date, but it seems unnecessary since I have a copy of the marriage entry as well as the baptismal certificates. Maybe I will anyway.


Note N323 :

Individuals : Probasco Annie
Annie was living with her mother & father in the 1880 Fed'. Census for Geveva, Ontario Co., NY. Her occupation was listed as "none." and her age was 20. It said that she was born in NY as well as her mother and father.


Note N324 :

Individuals : Baird Frank B.
Frank was living with his father-in-law and mother-in-law in the 1880 Fed'l Census for Geneva, Ontario Co., NY. He was 26 years old, occupation "tin smith," was born in NY as well as both of his parents.


Note N326 :

Individuals : Smith Matilda
Matilda is listed as the husband of Archibald Horton in The Hortons in America, a corrected reprint by Adaline Horton White, p. 156.


Note N327 :

Individuals : Miedema Rintje Meiles
According to her daughter Jetske's birth record, her mother's name was spelled "Rixtje" instead of "Rintje."


Note N328 :

Individuals : Horton John Cooper
John Cooper Horton is listed as the husband of Celestia Horton in The Hortons in America, a corrected reprint by Adaline Horton White, p 156.


Note N329 :

Individuals : Lanting Anje Harms
Anje's son Harm's marriage certificate says that her profession is "landbouwersche." There wasn't a translation for this term, but "landbouwer" was farmer. It didn't translate as "farmer's wife" or "female farmer" so the term isn't defined yet.


Note N330 :

Individuals : Osinga Louw Arjens
Louw's death was figured by the age at the time of death on his civil death register. At the time he was a widower.


Note N331 :

Individuals : Johannes Saapke
The name Saapke Johannes is listed as the mother of the groom for the marriage of Johannes Louws Osinga and Nieske Doekeles Tolsma. Saapke's last name is confirmed as Johannes, a man's given name, in a marriage record of another daughter of Louw and Saapke. It is probably due to the Dutch practice of patryonic naming.
h practice of patryonic naming.
Saapke's estimated death date is based upon her husband Louw's civil death register which said that he was a widower when he died 19 Mar 1825.


Note N332 :

Individuals : Tenckinck Johanna
In the notes on the death record found at Genlias, "mother's name not known" was written. This is odd since Johanna was only 30 years old when she died. According to the research done by Sue Adrianse at The Hague, Johanna's mother was Trijntje Heineman, as recorded here.


Note N333 :

Individuals : Mantingh Lammyna
On Lamina's death record at Gelias her name is spelled Lamina Mantingh. On her son's Hendrikus' marriage record it is spelled Lammyna Manting. On her marriage record it was Lammyna Mantingh. On three of her children's birth records it was Lamina Mantingh.
t was Lamina Mantingh.
Lamina's birth year was estimated by subtracting her age at death from her year of death.
r year of death.
There were no parents listed on Lamina's death certificate.
Lamina was married at the time of her death.


Note N334 :

Individuals : van der Werf Jetske Ruurds
According to Jetske's death record, she was 85 years old and widowed, at the time of her death.


Note N336 :

Individuals : Postma Fedde Ruurds
Fedde's place of birth, Achlum is a village or hamlet within Franekeradeel. At the time of his death, Fedde was a widower, age 90.


Note N337 :

Individuals : Roege Albert Klaasen
Albert was a farmer, according to his daughter Jantje's Dutch civil register found at This profession was corroborated by Albert's death register which also provided his date of birth.


Note N338 :

Individuals : Vos Frouwke Bartelts
On her daughter's marriage register, Frouwke's profession is given as "landbouwersche." A translation wasn't available.


Note N340 :

Individuals : Blijstra Anna Reinders
Although "Anna" doesn't seem to be a male first name, it does appear on the birth certificate of Pier's sister Antje, born 19 years before Pier, according to the birth registers at


Note N342 :

Individuals : Tenckinck Tettje
Searching for "Begins with 'Tet Ten' and 'Tet Tin' only produced her birth record. This was done in August 2008, when I found most of the other Tenckincks except Egbertus, born in 1815 (his marriage and death). Perhaps they both emigrated from The Netherlands.


Note N343 :

Individuals : Telting Paulina
According to her Archive death register, Paulina was a widow at the time of her death. This fits with Wybrandus' death nine years before. Her age at the time of her death was 71, which also corroborates her estimated birthdate on her marriage record.


Note N344 :

Individuals : Heineman Trijntje
On her daughter Gesina's marriage record from Genlias, Trijntje's last name has an "s" on the end.
A exhaustive search of Genlias with "Begins with" and "Tri" "Hei" produced no results. She had to have died between 1893 (birth of her last child) and 09 Aug 1830 (death of her husband Egbertus where he is described as a widower). Looking at Sue Adrianse's research on the Tenckincks is the death date of 97 Jul 1808. This has not been confirmed, but if it is true, then it is unlikely that her death date would be in Genlias at this time.


Note N345 :

Individuals : Tenckinck Wijbrandus Jacobus
The Dutch marriage register states that Wijbrandus was a doctor when he married Nieske, who was 14 years his junior. The register also said that he was the widower of Titia Adrikind, but while searching Wie,Was,, the premier Dutch vital statistics web site marriage records, I found that her surname was also spelled Titia Adriani(e). Generally speaking, there was no "correct" spelling of a person's name until the 1900s. People spelled phonetically, based upon what they heard. All spelling variations should be noted.


Note N346 :

Individuals : Hilverda Wytze Gerrits
At the time of his death, Wytze was married and 62 years old.


Note N349 :

Individuals : Tenckinck Wybrig
Wybrig's death register at states that he was married and age 59, when he died.


Note N350 :

Individuals : Osinga Metje Johannes
On Metje's marriage record, her middle name of Johannes appears for the first time (not on her birth record).
According to Metje's death record, she was a widow, age 57, when she died.


Note N351 :

Individuals : Osinga Arjen Johannes
There were two death records in Genlias for Arjen Osinga, but this is the only one that fit. He was six months when he died.


Note N352 :

Individuals : Osinga Sytske
At the time of her death, Sytske was married and 31 years old.


Note N353 :

Individuals : Osinga Doekele Johannes
According to Diekele's death record, his middle name was Johannes. This seems to be true of all of his brothers and sisters, where their middle name is Johanna or Johannes on either their birth, marriage or death records, but not usually on all of them. At the time of his death, he was married and 59 years old.


Note N354 :

Individuals : Osinga Louw Johannes
Although his middle name of Johannes doesn't appear on his birth record, it does on his marriage record, so it has been added.
According to his death record, Louw was 87 years old and a widower.


Note N355 :

Individuals : Osinga Ymkje
According to Ymkje's death record, she was married and 35 years old, when she died. On her death record her middle name was given as Johannes, which didn't apprear on her birth or marriage record so it wasn't recorded as such in FTM.


Note N356 :

Individuals : Osinga Tjamke
According to her death record, Tjamkje was married when she died at age 68.


Note N357 :

Individuals : Osinga Johannes Louws
From Johannes' civil death register csme his approximate birth year based upon his age of 52 when he died. The register also states that he was a widower.
as a widower.
From Johannes' civil marriage register came his birthplace as Beetgum, The Netherlands.


Note N358 :

Individuals : Derks Aartje
Aartje's name appears as Martje on her son's death record from the Groningen Archives at This is usually not as accurate as source as her son Derk's marriage record which occurred at an earlier date.


Note N359 :

Individuals : Tenckinck Gesina Catharina
According to her death record, Gesina was married and age 34, at the time of her death. The notes say that her parents' names were not given.


Note N360 :

Individuals : Tenckinck Wybrandus Jacobus
Wybrandus' father and mother's names were not on his death record or on his marriage record in the Frysân Archives. His death record states that he was 66 years old when he died 16 Nov 1845 and that he was married at the time of his death.


Note N361 :

Individuals : Tolsma Nieske Doekeles
Nieske's name on the civil death register was spelled Niekse. On all other doucuments (15) her name was spelled Nieske. Her age was 50 years of age at her death, hence, ABT 1894. She was married at the time of her death. Her birthplace was not given, but was found on her civil marriage register to Johannes.


Note N362 :

Individuals : Adriani Titia
The Dutch death register states that she was married and 40 years old at the time of her death.


Note N363 :

Individuals : Koster Simon
Simon survived Jantje, according to Jantje's Dutch civil death register at He was a farmer, according to his marriage record.


Note N364 :

Individuals : Harms Catharina
Catharina's confirmation date came from the Church register for Evangelische Kirch Kadenberge, p. 191.


Note N365 :

Individuals : Harms Johann (448)
Cadenberge with a "C" is the modern spelling. It used to be spelled Kadenberge with a "K."
Johann and Maria were married in the Cadenberge Evangelische Kirche. "Evangelische" means Lutheran.


Note N366 :

Individuals : Harms Johann (896)
May 1, 2004--I received a pedigree researched for me by Robert Richter and Heiko Volker. Heiko's letter about Johann(Sr.), father of Johann(Jr.), born 1776 in Ringstedt, says "it does not look good for finding information about Johann Jr.'s father and mother because Johann's father(Johann Sr.) was born out of wedlock." Because Johann Sr.'s father was not married to Johann Sr.'s mother when Johann Sr. was born, the birth was not registered in the church in Ringstedt. Heiko goes on to say "I know from other cases that illigitimate children, in this case Johann Sr. were usually brought up with relatives in neighboring places." Therefore, Johann Sr.'s mother probably went to live in a neighboring town and have her child. I may ask Heiko to continue his Harms research in the towns neighboring Ringstedt. He agreed to do this for 42 Euros for the basics and then not charge anything, if his time spent searching was not fruitful.


Note N367 :

Individuals : Siegmund Catharine Maria (455)
According to the Luneberg Lutheran Church, Hanover, Germany, church records, Wilhelm and his wife Catharine Maria Siegmund were married AFTER having seven children together. I have copies of the seven baptismal certificates where the parents are Wilhelm and Catherine. I would write to the church secretary to confirm the marriage date, but it seems unnecessary since I have a copy of the marriage entry as well as the baptismal certificates. Maybe I will anyway.


Note N368 :

Individuals : Hirschfeld FNU
This child was born dead. A sex was not given in the church records of Hemmendorf.


Note N369 :

Individuals : Hirschfeld Johann Julius
He was a dragoon, a heavily armed mounted soldier, according to the Hemmerdorf church records.


Note N370 :

Individuals : Hirschfeld Johann Heinrich
Hemmendorf church records say that he lived for only one hour.


Note N372 :

Individuals : Harrell Wilson
According to son Marc, his father Wilson was a fighter pilot in WWI. He was downed in France. To protect him from the Germans and save his life, the French Resistance buried him alive, putting a hose in his mouth so he could breath, until the country was liberated by Patton's troops.


Note N373 :

Individuals : Rendos Kevin A.
Assuming Kevin is his brother since he was his best man at his wedding to Ellen.


Note N374 :

Individuals : Hamacher Kathy
Kathy was listed as" sister of the groom" on her brother Thomas' wedding program.


Note N375 :

Individuals : Eardly Bernard W.
Never married or drove a car. Was the last Eardly to spell his name without the "e" at the end.


Note N376 :

Individuals : Eardley Lewis Hyde
Lived in Grand Rapids in 1962 according to his father's obituary.


Note N377 :

Individuals : Zubrickas Grace
In Grace's obituary in Grand Rapids Press, 12 May 1972, p 7-D, "Balulis" is in parenthesis following her name "Grace Bailey". Balulis could be her maiden name, but because it is so much like Bailey, it is probably the native spelling of her married name. Her husband could have changed his name from Balulis to Bailey. Still, it could be Grace's maiden name. The guesstimate of date of birth is based upon her age of death in the obituary as 78. Her birthplace was not given.


Note N378 :

Individuals : Zubrickas Lena
Lena was probably married to a man with the last name of Zegunis before she married Michael Lasausky. In her father, Joseph's obituary, 29 Sep 1935, she is listed as Mrs. Lena Zegunis.
Lena Zegunis.
From Lena's obituary, 05 Mar 1997, Grand Rapids Press, she is 98 years old when she died. That's how her birthdate was estimated.


Note N379 :

Individuals : Zubrickas Ann
In her father Joseph's obituary, Ann was listed as an unmarried daughter, living in Los Angeles.


Note N380 :

Individuals : Zubrickas Alice K.
Alice had a step-daughter, Barbara Booth of Grand Haven. Alice could have married Mr. Presley, who had a daughter or a previous marriage where that husband had a daughter already.


Note N381 :

Individuals : Zubrickas John
Lived in Rockford as of 12 May 1972, according to his mother's obituary & was still there in 1979, according to his obituary.
According to his obituary, John was a member of S.S. Georgia's and Peter and Paul Aid Society. Research is needed on the S.S. Georgia's in case it is directly related to Lithuania and may offer a clue to the area of Lithuania from which John's father Joseph came. Both John and Joseph were members of St. Peter and Paul Church on th NW side of Grand Rapids. Their records may shed some light.


Note N382 :

Individuals : Grigel Michael
Mike is identified in his brother Anthony's obituary, 17 Nov 1969 as a surviving brother so he must have died after Anthony.


Note N384 :

Individuals : Bailey John
John was living in Niles at the time of his mother's death, 11 May 1972, according to her obituary.


Note N385 :

Individuals : Bailey FNU
See notes for wife Grace about the name "Bailey."


Note N386 :

Individuals : Bailey Albertine
Lived in Grand Rapids at the time of her mother's death, 12 May 1972.


Note N387 :

Individuals : Bailey Leona
Lived in Grand Rapids, MI at the time of her mother's death, 11 May 1972.


Note N388 :

Individuals : Bailey Theresa
Lived in Grand Rapids, MI, at the time of her mother's death, 11 May 1972.


Note N389 :

Individuals : Presley FNU
Look at to find the obituary database with many Presleys, one of whom should be Alice's husband. Alice should be named as surviving him.


Note N390 :

Individuals : Zegunis FNU
Couldn't find Lena's husband's first name in searching "Western Michigan Obituaries 1910-November 2004," available at the Grand Rapids Public Library, Grand Rapids, Kent Co., MI.


Note N391 :

Individuals : Zubrickas Sister in Lithuania
In her brother Joseph's obituary is the mention of a surviving sister and brother in Lithuania.


Note N392 :

Individuals : Zubrickas Brother in Lithuania
In his brother Joseph's obituary is mentioned this surviving brother and another sister of Joseph's in Lithuania.


Note N393 :

Individuals : LNU Helen E.
Helen's name came from her husband John's obituary. Helen's middle initial came from her obituary in Grand Rapids Press, 23 Mar 1997.


Note N394 :

Individuals : Zubrickas Richard
In Richard's father's obituary, "Mr. and Mrs. Richard Zubrickas" are listed as "surviving children." The wife's name isn't given, but did appear on their golden anniversary announcement, 04 Nov 2000, in Grand Rapids Press. As of 2005, Richard is still listed in the Grand Rapids phone directory at 3724 Grape NE, 363-8648.


Note N395 :

Individuals : Van Dreumel Kay
She is listed with her husband Richard on her father-in-law's obituary, 5 May 1979, but her first name isn't recorded. Her first name was found in her mother, Helen's obituary, 23 Mar 1997, in Grand Rapids Press. Her maiden name was found in the golden anniversary annnouncement, 04 Nov 2000, in Grand Rapids Press.


Note N396 :

Individuals : Caruso Phillip
Phillip is listed on his father-in-law's obituary as a survivor, along with his wife, but he name isn't given.


Note N397 :

Individuals : Zubrickas Michael
As of 2005 Grand Rapids phone directory, Michael is listed at 5791 Egypt Valley NE, Rockford, 874-6294.


Note N398 :

Individuals : Lasausky James J.
The funeral home for James' visitation was Roth-Gerst Chapel, 305 N. Hudson, Lowell, Kent Co., MI. "Following his wishes, there will be no service. Memorial contributions may be made to the charity of one's choice." At the time of his death he had 8 grandchildren and one great grandson.


Note N399 :

Individuals : Lasausky Anna
Did not find Anna Edwards obituary in the index of "Western Michigan Obituaries 1910-November 2004" at


Note N400 :

Individuals : Zegunis Betty J.
In the obituary of Michael J. Lasausky, 11 Feb 1975, Grand Rapids Press, Betty is listed as Michael's step-daughter. In the obituary of Lena Zabrickus-Zegunis-Lasausky, 05 Mar 1997, Grand Rapids Press, Betty is listed as Lena's daughter. Since Betty's mother was married to a Zegunis before Lasausky, I have entered Betty as the daughter of Lena Zabrickas-Zegunis-Lasausky.
ena Za
In the 50th Wedding Anniversary announcement in the Grand Rapids Press, 14 Oct 2000 were found the names of the children of Al & Betty, the fact that they had four grandchildren at that time, that they were members of St. Mary's Church. The marriage date was also deduced, but may be a day or two off.


Note N401 :

Individuals : Potterack Alvin
In the obituary of Michael J. Lasausky, 11 Feb 1975, Grand Rapids Press, Alvin is listed as the husband of Michael's step-daughter, Betty Zegunis.


Note N402 :

Individuals : Zegunis Mary A.
Mary was listed as Lena's daughter on Lena's obituary, 11 Feb 1975, Grand Rapids Press, and as Michael J.'s step-daughter on Michael's obituary, 11 Feb 1975, Grand Rapids Press.


Note N403 :

Individuals : O'Rourke Edward
Edward was found as the husband of Mary Zegunis-O'Rourke on the obituary of Michael J. Lasausky, 11 Feb 1975, Grand Rapids Press.


Note N404 :

Individuals : Lasausky Rose
Not sure if Rose did marry Dan Evans. At the time of her father James' death, 24 Mar 2001, she was engaged to Dan, according to James' obituary. Since her surname listed in the obituary wasn't Lasausky, the marriage to Dan must be at least her second marriage.


Note N405 :

Individuals : Lasausky Warren Judson
Not quite sure of this entry for Warren. He is listed as a child of James J. Lasausky. However, he is listed as Warren Judson(not the same last name). Since Judson could be his middle name, I have listed him as James' son, but he could have the last name of Judson and then I don't know what the relationship would be. He is living in Canada at the time of James' death.


Note N406 :

Individuals : Lasausky Jill
Found her name listed as a surviving child of James J. Lasausky's obituary, 24 Mar 2001. Although her name was listed as Jill Bloomquist, I assumed that Bloomquist is a married name and that she is divorced or widowed.


Note N407 :

Individuals : LNU Mary
Mary's obituary says that she was 53 when she died so she was probably born in 1891-92. Since Stanley, James and Anna were all listed as her children, she must have been Michael's wife before Lena.


Note N408 :

Individuals : Eardley James
Jim and Jack were twins of Cecil and Bernard. Bernard married Cecil twice and divorced her twice. Bernard claimed that Jim and Jack weren't his children so when Cecil died, he disowned them and sent them to St. John's Orphanage. Nellie Eardley took them out of the orphanage and raised the twins from the point that they were teenagers.

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