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Note N523 :

Individuals : Thumann Anna Margaretha (449)
I may have found some of her relatives, but I am unable to identify the relationship for two Thumann records I found in the Cadenberge church records. They are Catharina Margaretha Gesine Thumann, born 31 Oct 1844, christened 16 Nov 1844. Her parents were Claus Thumnn, tenant in the Osterdacewish and his wife Dorothea nee Schuett.
his wife Dorothea nee Schuett.
The second unidentifiable Thumann is Peter Thumann who died by hanging himself on 6 or 7 Oct 1844. He was 48 years and a few months of age. The entry is No. 48, page 28.


Note N527 :

Individuals : Cordes Anne Mette Catharine
The name of the bride of Heinrich Friedrich Dietrich Meyer, 07 Jul 1850 was "Virgin Anna Metta Catharina Cordes." The term "virgin" was used to denote that the bride had not been married and had no children prior to this marriage. The term "bachelor" was similarly used to denote the groom's status.


Note N528 :

Individuals : Meyer Catharina Sophia Dorothea
Catharina's christening record lists her Godparents as:
1. Catharina Cahens
2. Anna Catharina Sophia Cordes (probably Anna Metta Catharina's sister or mother);
3. Catharina Maria Dorothea Finken (probably A. M. C. Cordes married sister?).
arried s
Her christening record, under the title "Christening #," gives the number 689 and then says :1850 on July 7, wedding at St. Jacobi." Some churches like St. Jacobi put the parents' wedding date on the christening record. The christening was performed by Pastor Kunhardt.


Note N529 :

Individuals : Meyer Johann Heinrich Andreas
Andreas Meyer, brother of Helene, was a witness to Helene's marriage to Robert Marquardt (second husband), in Hoboken, in 1893. Andreas arrived in Hoboken from Hamburg on 24 Mar 1893, six months before Helene's marriage. Andreas probably came to give Helene moral support and give her away at the wedding. It is not known if he stayed in America, or if any of her four sisters ever visited or emigrated to America. In fact, his arrival date may or may not be true. Perhaps he emigrated earlier and was responsible for finding a husband for his recently widowed sister Helene. Look for Andreas in the 1880 and 1900 Hoboken census.


Note N530 :

Individuals : Meyer Charlotte Auguste Alwine
Alwine's Godparents were:
1. Charlotte Prawitz (could be married sister of Dietrich or Catharina, Alwine's parents)
2. August Steffenl
3. Alwine Meier (could be married sister of Dietrich or Catharina)


Note N531 :

Individuals : Harms Wilhelm Thomas Claus
According to Wilelm's christening record:
the pastor was Behrens;
the Godparents were Christopher Commente, Wilhelm Thomas Asmussen, and Claus Peter Petersen
ter Petersen
Apparently, Claus Peter Petersen, Auguste Gehle's future husband, was known to Peter and Marie, maybe they introduced him to Auguste?


Note N532 :

Individuals : Parsons Leon Lawyer
Leon's nickname was Lee. I remember him as Uncle Lee married to Aunt Lil. They had no children.


Note N533 :
Caleb was born at Spectrum Health Hospital, Grand Rapids, MI.


Note N534 :

Individuals : Tenckinck Ruth Elizabeth
According to her son Gary J, Ruth met her husband-to-be when she shared a ride with him in President Gerald Ford's Model T. Jerry often offered a lift to classmates at South High School. Two of those classmates were Walter Tenckinck and J Horton. That day Ruth was walking with her brother Walter when Jerry offered them a ride. From there a romance blossomed, but the details are unknown. The chance meeting probably took place around ____. They were married July 17, 1938.


Note N535 :


Note N536 :

Individuals : Smith Thomas
Thomas and Sarah's name came from their son Henry's death certificate.


Note N537 :

Individuals : Bradley Mary
Marriage certificate of William and Amanda Smith cites Mary Bradley as William Smith's mother and Henry Smith's wife.


Note N538 :

Individuals : Timmer Harmina
Hermina died of small pox when her daughter Crystal was 16 years old, the youngest of three sisters and three brothers. Cornelius chose to return to his hometown of Chicago with his three sons while his daughters remained in Michigan. He remarried to a woman named Annna.


Note N539 :

Individuals : McCrath Walter Cyrus
The sources of information are the family Bible and Walter's death certificate(Book 12, Page 225, Kent County Clerk).
Walter's marriage certificate is Book 4/Page 160 which was not examined because his information came from the family Bible.
he family Bible.
Walter Cyrus told his granddaughter, Roxe Tenckinck-Davies, that when his father and grandfather(both James) came to America, they changed the spelling of their last name from "McCraith" to "McCrath."
"McCraith" to "McCrath."


Note N540 :

Individuals : McCrath Lyman James
Known as Little Lymie, he died five days after May McCrath, daughter of Lewis T. McCrath. Both of them died of diptheria.


Note N541 :

Individuals : McCrath George Fred
His name is Frederick George according to the "Kemp Family Record." He went by "Fred." There is a picture of him in his car in 1920 in his scrapbook in FTMaker. The caption reads "Fred starting for the west in 1920." Since his mother Mary Ella died in 1930, in California ("while visiting," according to family lore), she may have been visiting Fred.
he may have been visitin


Note N542 :

Individuals : Dickinson Ethel Samantha
Ethel was listed as surviving her husband Fred according to his obituary which also says that she lived in Seattle.


Note N543 :

Individuals : Wolff Emma Christina
Place of birth, N.Y., and approx. birth date came from 1910 federal census.
She was a boarder at her mother and stepfather's home at 258 Carroll St.,
Brooklyn and she was employed in children's headware.
children's headware.
Emma was never married to Charlotte Harms recollection.


Note N544 :

Individuals : Ferdinand Julius
Henry John Harms stepbrother 's name is not a positive identification. The source is the Harms Family Album.


Note N547 :

Individuals : Kemp Willis
MAY also be "Wm D" Kemp, but don't know the sources for either first name. According to the 1855 New York State Census, his name if Wm D and her was born in 1943.


Note N548 :

Individuals : De Kleine Bert
There are two sources for Bert's death date, 23 or 24 June so the death date must be determined through another source such as his death certificate or a photo of the grave in Borcuolo, Ottawa, Michigan, USA.


Note N551 :

Individuals : de Kleine Willem Lukas
The church record indicated the use of the lower case "de" for Willem's father's last name. The use of upper case "De" is also used in this source. Also, the name Kleine is spelled with and without the "e" at the end. The use of William deKleine or William DeKlieine are the most commonly found for later records and is found both with and without a space between the de and the Kleine. The Findagrave record indicates the name as William Lukas De Kleine for the heading of the page, however, the grave marker is shown as William De Kleine.


Note N553 :

Individuals : Smith Unknown
On George W.'s birth certificate, Amanda states that she had two children by William and that both are alive. On the 1910 census, she states that she had two children by William and that only one is living On the 1900 census she states that "she is the mother of 5 children and that 4 are living. This unknown child must have been born before George(born Oct 1888), after John L.(aft. Dec 1885 or it may be another date when I find John's B.C.), i.e. between 1886-1888. If this Unknown Smith does exist, this may be a child of Williiam's before he and Amanda married.


Note N554 :

Individuals : McCrath Harold Wright
No children by Sally for sure, and probably the only child by Ruby was Debby according to the recollections of E. Roxe Tenckinck-Davies. His estimated death date is based upon the fact that Harold was listed as a surviving brother of Hugo who died 5 Oct 1981.


Note N555 :

Individuals : Tenckinck Trijntje
As of August 2008, there was no death record for Trijntje Tenckinck in Partials for both first and last names were used, as well as "Begins With." Like Egbertus and Tettje who couldn't be found in Genlias, may they and Trijntje all emigrated from The Netherlands, since their brother Hendrikus did.


Note N556 :

Individuals : Hoffman Rochus
They had no children.


Note N557 :

Individuals : Schepers James Ralph
James' sister Jeanette's obituary says that James, as of 10 Jan 1938, lived in Natchez, Mississippi, surviving his sister Jeanette.


Note N558 :

Individuals : Vaden Florence C
A letter from Florence's husband James to Leola Eardley states that "Florence was and is quality folks her great grandmother was a sister to J. Q. Adams, a president of the United States; and so we were married; we had eight children; and they all are living(in 1972)." There are quotes from the Bible and comments about being a Yankee(from Michigan) in the South in the letter which can be found in the scrapbook for James and for Florence as well as William Horton and Jeanette Schepers-Horton.


Note N559 :

Individuals : Anderson Jane
This is the grandmother of Dean Charles Koenigs, husband of Peggy Kirchgessner


Note N560 :

Individuals : Ottema Kate "Katie"
This information about Kate is based upon Jannette Scheper's birthday book, the fact that she lived in the same town as her Elmer J. Schepers, the fact that she was married when she died (Elmer died in 1988). Kate's residence is listed as Norwalk, Huron, OH on her death certificate. Her place of birth is not listed and her birth date is estimated.


Note N561 :

Individuals : Anderson Mary A.
No record of a marriage has been found for Charles married to a Mary Anderson (NOT Emma's older sister) in 1880 Census. This Mary (also called Mollie) married Charles on June 15, 1875. She died or divorced before 1886, when he married Emma Anderson


Note N562 :

Individuals : Taylor Mary "Mollie"
The fact that "Mollie" even existed originates from a sterling silver cutt link box. Engraved on the box is: "Mollie Taylor to Charles Wolff 13th June 1875." Even with this obvious clue, I have been unable to find additional information about Mollie in census; birth, marriage, and death records for decades. "Mollie" is a nickname that was used in place of Mary, Marie(a), and Magdelena. There is a sea of Mary Taylors. Such a common name would take a lifetime of research without more information about her to narrow the field of choices.


Note N563 :


Source S1 :

Individuals : Schaap John

          Title : Christmas for Remembrance Booklet of the Schaap Genealogy by Kornelis Schaap and Found in the Diary of Jannette Schepers


Source S2 :

          Title : 1850 Fed'l Census


Source S3 :

          Title : 1850 US Census, NY, Wayne County, Arcadia Village, Town of Arcadia, Image 115 at


Source S4 :

          Title : 1850, 1870, 1880 Fed'l NY Census confirms birthdate and place


Source S5 :

Individuals : Eberhardt Charles J., Eberhardt Louis, Horton George Redfield, Menard Delilah, Smith Mary Elizabeth

          Title : 1860 Fed'l Census


Source S6 :

Individuals : Eberhardt Clara

          Title : 1870 Fed'l Census, Michigan


Source S7 :

          Title : 1880 Fed'l Census for NY for Delilah Horton


Source S8 :

Individuals : Ferdinand Julius

          Title : 1880 Fed/l Census for NY for Harms, Henry


Source S9 :

Individuals : Baird Frank B., Probasco Annie, Probasco Seth T.

          Title : 1880 Fed'l Census,Geneva, Ontario, NY, FHL film #1254909, p. 202C


Source S10 :

Individuals : Eberhardt Augusta, Eberhardt Frederick, Eberhardt Henry, Eberhardt Julia

          Title : 1880 Fed'l Census, Michigan


Source S11 :

Individuals : Ulrich Edward, Ulrich Elizabeth "Lizzy", Ulrich Mathilda "Tillie", Ulrich Wilhelmina Caroline

          Title : 1880 US Census, NY, NY, NY, Roll T9_876, FHL Film 1254876, P 30B, ED 211. Image 513


Source S12 :

Individuals : Eberhardt Charles F., Eberhardt Charles J., Eberhardt Walter H., Hauch Caroline J.

          Title : 1900 Fed'l Census, Michigan


Source S13 :

          Title : 1900 Fed'l Census, New Jersey


Source S14 :

Individuals : Ulrich Elizabeth "Lizzy"

          Title : 1900 US Census, NY, NY, NY, Roll T623 1095, P 3B, ED 312, Image __ at


Source S15 :

Individuals : Dorsey James O., LNU Ida M.

          Title : 1901 Canadian Census,, Ontario, Essex South/Sud, Malden, subdistrict j-1, P 2, Lines 30-1


Source S16 :

Individuals : Eberhardt Otto H., LNU Cora C.

          Title : 1910 Fed'l Census, Michigan


Source S17 :

Individuals : Dorsey Lottie Mae

          Title : 1911 Canadian Census,, Ontario, Essex South Malden, ED 21, P 5, Lines 6-10


Source S18 :

Individuals : Eberhardt Otto H., LNU Cora C.

          Title : 1920 Fed'l Census, Michigan


Source S19 :

          Title : 1930 Fed'l Census, New Jersey


Source S20 :

Individuals : Zubrickas Adella Olga

          Title : Alien Registration Form


Source S21 :

Individuals : Van Dreumel Kay, Feyer Rudy, Lewis Christopher, LNU Molly, LNU Nancy, Potterack Alvin, Potterack Ed, Potterack Joseph, Potterack Mary, Potterack Thomas, Van Sledright Darryl, Zegunis Betty J., Zubrickas Carol, Zubrickas Gail, Zubrickas Michael, Zubrickas Richard, Zubrickas Steve

          Title : Anniversary Announcement


Source S22 :

Individuals : Winke Carl Moritz Otto

          Title : Award of Compensation, U.S. Veteran's Bureau
          Repository : R1


Source S23 :

Individuals : Horton George Redfield

          Author : Ruth and J Horton
          Title : Baby Book
          Repository : R2


Source S24 :

Individuals : Kroell Maria Sophia (115), Ulrich Lorenz (114)

          Title : Baptismal Certificate or Register


Source S25 :

Individuals : Boyce Edwin Wallace, Carell Eliza, Harms Julius Frederick, Harms Robert Charles, Marquardt Martha Helene Johanna, Marquardt Robert, McCrath Fanna Louella, McCrath Janes "Jay" Carrol, McCrath Lyman James, McCrath Minnie Wood, Meyer Johanna Wilhelmine Helene, Richards Mary Jane, Wolff Florence Bessie (29)

          Title : Birth record of daughter Martha


Source S26 :

Individuals : Ulrich Lorenz (114)

          Title : Cemetery Record, All Faiths Cemetery, Middle Village, New York, USA
          Repository : R3


Source S27 :

          Title : Cemetery Records


Source S28 :

Individuals : Bennett John A., Horton Jane

          Title : 1900 Census, U.S. Federal


Source S29 :

Individuals : Harms Catharina, Harms Maria Adelheid

          Title : Church register for Evangelische Kirch Kadenberge, Kreis Neuhaus, Cadenberge, Hanover, Germany


Source S30 :

Individuals : Gehle Maria Dorothea Louise (113)

          Title : Church register(church name, page, & entry # unknown) for Winsen Kreis, Hanover, Germany


Source S31 :

Individuals : Bakker Carl E, Bakker Carl Edwin, Bakker Ethel May, Bakker Jacob, Baumann Adrian J., Baumann Baby Boy, Baumann Peter, Brouwer Mary K, Riemersma Geertje "Gertrude", Tenckinck Baby Girl, Tenckinck Bert G, Tenckinck Doekele "Dick", Tenckinck Dorothy "Dora", Tenckinck Gerrit, Tenckinck Gertrude, Tenckinck Hendrik G, Tenckinck Jennie, Tenckinck Jennie, Tenckinck Jessie, Tenckinck Louis, Tenckinck Marian Ruth, Tenckinck Sgt Dick

          Title : Contributed by Anna (Annie) Tenckinck-Vander Wal, at age 91
          Repository : R4
                Call number : None


Source S32 :

Individuals : Wolff Charles M. (58)

          Title : Charles M. Wolff, D.C. #38368 NYC


Source S33 :

Individuals : Horton James Sidney

          Title : DC #13ho1891 for Newark, Wayne Co., NY


Source S34 :

Individuals : Anderson Emma (59)

          Title : DC #1807 or 12884844, NY, for Emma Strom


Source S35 :

Individuals : Harms Robert Charles, Hoff Amanda, Hoff Joseph, Horton Jane, Marquardt Martha Helene Johanna, Quimby Herbert or William, Smith James, Ulrich Lorenz (114)

          Author : New York City Department of Health
          Title : Death Record


Source S36 :

Individuals : Anderson William Cornelius (118)

          Title : Death record #25 for Middletown, CT, December 1892, FHL film 1513711, p. 256, Vol. 12


Source S37 :

          Title : Death record for Middletown CT, 1873, FHL film 1513709, Vol. 9, p. 60


Source S38 :

Individuals : Anderson Anna

          Title : Death record for Middletown, CT, June 26, 1873, FHL film 1513709, p. 60, Vol. 9


Source S39 :

Individuals : Anderson William Cornelius (118), Tenckinck Ruth Elizabeth

          Title : Death Record; Obituary


Source S40 :

Individuals : Smith George Washington, Winke Anna Auguste Minna

          Title : Divorce Decree


Source S41 :

Individuals : Lanning Jantien

          Author : Prins, Edward,
          Title : Dutch and German Ships: Passenger Lists 1846-1856. [Holland, MI:] the author, 1972. ( : accessed 6 Sep 2008)


Source S42 :

          Author : Swierenga, Robert P.
          Title : Dutch Immigrants to America,1820-1880, Provo, UT, USA: The Generations Network, Inc., 2004
          Repository : R5


Source S43 :

Individuals : Lanning Albert, Lanning Hendrik, Lanning Jantien, Lanning Klaas

          Title : Dutch Immigrants to America,1820-1880, Provo, UT, USA: The Generations Network, Inc., 2004. Database. : 2008


Source S44 :

Individuals : Harms Kenneth Gilbert

          Title : Email from Bill Reid
          Publication :
Date: 23 Apr 2017;


Source S45 :

Individuals : Eberhardt Charles J.

          Title : Emigration Index


Source S46 :

Individuals : Case Lawrence H., Case Sidney A., LNU Karen, Meilinger Herman, Nevers C. C., Nevers Margaret Ann

          Title : Engagement Announcement


Source S47 :

          Title : Engagement Announcement; Wedding Program


Source S48 :

          Title : Envelope from James Schepers to Leola Eardley, September 1971


Source S49 :

Individuals : Ewing Florence Louisa, McCrath Charles Ewing, McCrath Chester Arthur, McCrath John

          Title : Family Bible


Source S50 :

Individuals : Ewing Florence Louisa, McCrath Chester Arthur, McCrath Louis T, McCrath Nettie Roxe, Richards Mary Jane

          Title : Family Bible; Obituary


Source S51 :

Individuals : Rouse Lottie Bell

          Title : Family Bible; U.S. Census

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