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Source reference NI0457 :
"Wally" was a member of the Varick, 31, F. and A.M.(Masons); Railroad Veteran's Association, and Vare Railroad Employment. He was retired from the Erie-Lackawana Railroad, Weehawken.
Wally's birth date and place comes from his BC #9769, State of New Jersey.


Source reference NI0458 :
Marie(Maria or Mary) Gehle was first found on her son Henry John's marriage certificate. Ann Yeoman thought that Mary died in Germany and that Peter Henry Harms, her husband came to America after her death. P. Henry arrived in New York on July 2, 1873, with 5-year-old son, Heinrich, but he may have come over earlier(after Mary died) to look for a wife and mother for Henry. Therefore, Marie died sometime between her marriage on Sept. 27, 1868, and July 1873, when her husband & child arrived in America alone. She did not die giving birth to son Hinrich Johann August Harms because Marie and Henry were married on the day that Hinrich was christened.
According to the church marriage registry for St. Johannis Evangelical Lutheran Church in Altona, Germany, her name was Maria, but her son Heinrich's birth registry for St. Johannis lists her as Marie. The marriage registry says that she was 24 years old; born in the town of Lassronne, Kreis Winsen; her father was the late Christian Valentin Gehle, a tax guard; her mother was Juliane Friederike Schutze(maiden name, Schutze means marksman).
Lassronne is on the northern border of Hannover, very close to the Elbe River and Mecklenberg, and just southeast of Hamburg.
On her son Hinrich's St. Johannis Church birth and baptismal registry, one of the witnesses was Auguste Gehle. This was Marie's twin sister Auguste Marie Antoinette Gehle, and probably the person for whom Hinrich Johann August Harms received one of his middle names. The other middle name of "Johann" was probably after Peter's father who was Johann. "Hinrich", spelled differently than Peter's middle name may have been given because Hinrich's godfather's first name was Hinrich, as well as Heinrich being Peter's middle name.


Source reference NI0459 :
Catherine was Henry John Harms(I?) second wife whom he married when he came to the United States with his son Henry John Harms(II?). Ann remembers Catherine as bringing two sons to the marriage, probably Ferdinand(Anne thinks his name was Julius Ferdinand) and another son, although the 1880 Census doesn't list another one. We don't know if they had any children together. In the Harms Photo Album, there appears to be both a Ferdinand and a Wilhelm Harms, sons of Catherine. Family lore says that they both moved to Chicago sometime after becoming of age.
There are two 1880 Census entries that could be P. Hinrich Harms and family. One has a Ferdinand, born about 1872 and the other has a Wilhelm(look at census to find date of birth) living at home with brother Henry. Since the 1880 census only enumerated children 10 years of age or younger, the absence of one of Catherine's sons on each census could be explained if the son were over 10 years of age.


Source reference NI0460 :
Herman was 25 when he married Minnie. The Marriage Certificate says that he was born in MI(probably Newaygo because the witness was George Schievink of Newaygo). The other witness was Vera M. Webster of Grand Rapids. It was the first marriage for each of them.


Source reference NI0464 :
Bert married Egberta when he was 29 years old, six years her junior. The witnesses at the marriage were Dana Kik and Lewis J. Donovan of Grand Rapids.


Source reference NI0466 :
Cornelius was married at the age of 23. Witnesses at the marriage were Florence Tenckinck and James Dobbelaar, both of Grand Rapids. It was his first marriage.
Roxe Davies believes that Cornelius' middle name was Neil, but she is not positive. Perhaps Neil is Cornelius' son's name.


Source reference NI0470 :
Adelia was hit by a car and died at age 17. The cemetery plot is #2 67 white 6109.


Source reference NI0471 :
Augusta Ruth drowned at the age of two. Gussie was named after her.


Source reference NI0473 :
Birth certificate of her son Edwin states the mother's name as Harriet E. Wallace, but the death certificate of Edwin states the mother's name as Elya Ann Wallace-Boyce.


Source reference NI0476 :
E. Roxe Davies gave me as much information as she had about her husband
Stanley's parents.


Source reference NI0477 :
E. Roxe Davies gave me as much information about her husband Stanley Davies' parents as she had.


Source reference NI0478 :
Son Douglas' wedding announcement said that his parents were from Palm Beach, FL and New York City.


Source reference NI0480 :
Information for Kate Wood and her unknown husband came from their daughter Ellen's death certificate, Book 5/Page 143/Record 10763, Kent County Clerk's Office. It states that Kate and her husband were born in Grand Rapid's Twp.(husband) and Kent County(Kate).


Source reference NI0481 :
Birthdate may be one year off depending upon what time of the year his birthday was. He was 26 when he was married July 17, 1900. The witnesses of the marriage were Anna Tenckinck and Lena Snippe of Grand Rapids. It was the first marriage for John and Sarah. John and Sarah had no issue.


Source reference NI0482 :
First found Hendrikus on Egbertus's death certificate as his father.
Then found Hendrikus in the G.R. City Directory, where he first appeared in 1876 and last appeared in the Directory in 1880.
Next Hendrikus was found in the State Archives in his Declaration of Intent to become a U.S. citizen. This is where the spelling was taken because it varied in the other publications. The following information was found on the Declaration: middle name of Gerhardus, birthdate of 1917 in the Netherlands, departed May 1872 from Harlingen (The Netherlands) and arrived in New York City in June 1872, where he declared his intent to settle in Grand Rapids, Kent, MI, USA.
From the Dutch civil registers, it appears that two years after his first wife Saapke died, Hendrikus married Janetje Velthuis, a girl 19 years old and exactly half his age at the time. In 1872, after 17 years of marriage, Hendrikus emigrated to Grand Rapids, MI, USA. It is not known if Hendrikus and Jantje were estranged at the time, but they did divorce 14 Nov 1877 (Record in Record No. 79, Divorce. Archives of Tresoar, Frysk Histoarysk en Letterkundich Sintrum. Registration date 14 Nov 1877.) Hendrikus left Fryslân with three of his sons (from his first marriage) to make his fortune, but Jantje did not accompany them. Hendrikus and Jantje had a son Gerben, who died before his second birthday. Their only other child Wybrig married in Harlingen, but there are no civil records of her having any children. Perhaps Hendrikus sent for Janetje after he was settled, but she opted to stay with her daughter and file for divorce instead.
The Dutch marriage civil register for Louw and Anna states that Hendrikus was a "merchant" at the time of his son's marriage.
From the Cutch civil registers and Hendrikus' death record, there is a note that at the time of his death, Hendrikus was "separated" (gescheiden), although a record in 1877 gives their divorce record. The death record also states that Hendrikus was 65 years old at the time of his death.


Source reference NI0483 :
Lois Adrianse-DeBoer loaned us a picture of Saapke in her Dutch garb. I had it restored and reproduced.
According to Saapke's civil death register, she was married ("gehuwd") at the time of her death and 36 years old. Her mother and father's names were not given, but they were given on her birth and marriage registers.


Source reference NI0484 :
Scutler was Harms's last name on his daughter Anna's death certificate, but the family remembers the name being spelled Schutter which was confirmed by the Dutch civil registers.
Harm was a farmer according to his marriage record from the Dutch civil registers. He was 24 years old at the time of his marriage.


Source reference NI0485 :
From her husband's Dutch civil death register found at comes the information that Jantje was Harm Derks Schutter's spouse "echtgenoot." Under "Additional Information" the record states that Jantje was a farmer's wife, born in Zuidwolde.


Source reference NI0486 :
Birthdate could have been 1854 because he was married at age 25 according to a Christmas letter written by J William Horton.
Jacob and Janie after they were married lived on a farm about two miles south of Holland, MI where Jacob taught school. They had three children. Jacob remaried Mrs. Mary Poest, nee Mary Katte, who brought two daughters to the marriage named Grace and Carrie. The marriage of Jacob and Mary produced three children named Evelyn, Maurice, and Elmer Schepers.


Source reference NI0487 :
Marriage date could have been late 1878 through December 1879 because Jannette was married at the age of 20 according to a Christmas letter written by J William Horton.


Source reference NI0488 :
Death date is definately 1909 as found in her sister Jannette's Birthday Book. Elizabeth died on the same day that Leola Elizabeth Mae Horton was born, hence Leola's middle name. In the same book, there is an entry for Lizzie Schepers birthday on 2 Sep (no year). This contradicts the 14 Dec entry that I have in FTM (no source citation).


Source reference NI0489 :
Kornelis was twenty years old when he immigrated to America from Teingemeet(Tienemeet) Island, The Netherlands with his mother and father and sisters Maaike and Heiltje(the other children stayed in The Netherlands). Brother, Jacob "John" had immigrated two years before during the migratory movement under the leadership of A. C. VanRaalte and Scholten. The family set sail on May 21 on a three-master ship named the "Loevere" whose Captain was an American named Wicks; first mate named Widdlezee; and second mate named Owen.(Read the Christmas for Remembrance booklet written by J William Horton for the details of the trip and the settlement as remembered by Kornelis in 1894).
Kornelis spent his last few years living with his daughter Lysje, in Zeeland.
On Heiltje's(Hattie's) death certificate(Book 3/Page 5, Ottawa County Clerk), her father is listed as Cornelius(with a "C") Schaap and Jantja Rayeyn or Raneyn. Her place of birth was The Netherlands.


Source reference NI0490 :
Jannetje immigrated to the U.S. and to Zeeland, MI with her stepfather, A. Van Bree, in 1849, from Portugal, South Holland, The Netherlands. Kornelis' diary seems to say that he and Jannetje were married that same year but it could have been sometime in the next few years until 1854 when Peter was born(Oct.). Rev. C. VanDerMuelen officiated at the wedding. Her birth year may have been 1834 or 1833. She was 67 when she died, and the diary states her death on May 30, 1901.
On her daughter, Hattie's death certificate(1902), it states the mother's name as Jantja Rayeyn or Raneyn as another possibility for the spelling. Another possible spelling may be Romeign. Romeijn comes from Kornelis' diary.


Source reference NI0498 :
From her death certificate(Book 3/Page 5, Number 466, Ottawa County Clerk) we learn that Hattie was single and born in The Netherlands. When she died, she was 26/2/9days. Her parents were Cornelius Schaap and Jantja Rayeyn or Raneyn. The name on the death certifcate is Hattie, and not Heiltje.


Source reference NI0500 :
Grandson Kornelis Schaap's diary states that his grandfather John lived in South Holland, near 'Dortreght. This is where he may have been born too. April 2, 1830, the entire family moved to the Island called Teingemeet(?Tienemeet) where they lived for 18 years before coming to America. Therefore, they came to America in 1848. He died by falling from a board used as a bridge over a deep ditch and drowning at the age of 75.
As regards his marriage date, it was either 1814 or 1815 or 1816 and was probably in Wieldreght because they lived there for 15 years after their marriage and their first eleven children were born there. The diary says that John was 22 and that Wilmina was 18 when they got married. The marriage must have been before November of 1814, 1815, or 1816.
In 1856 or 1857, shortly after his wife's death, John returned to The Netherlands to his son, Aire, who apparently did not emigrate to the U.S. with the other four children. John died a few months after arriving in The Netherlands and is buried next to his son, Arie, at Winkel, North Holland, The Netherlands.
They had four children who died in infancy and are not listed with the other eleven children.


Source reference NI0501 :
The diary states that Wilmina lived to the age of 92. However, there is conflicting information on who J's grandmother was. In the first part of the paragraph it states: "I will begin by mentioning my grandparents. They were John Schaap, and his wife Wilmina Dekker." Later in the paragraph, it states: "My grandmother Lysje DeYoung was born in Zyndreght in August 1797." The 1797 dates fits with the other information in the paragraph.


Source reference NI0505 :
Ottilia died at a young age.


Source reference NI0506 :
Lizabetta died at a young age before 1848 when the family left for America. Her name was also written Elizabetta by Kornelis Schaap in his diary.


Source reference NI0507 :
John came to America in 1846 during the migratory movement under the leadership of A. C. VanRaalte and Scholten. His family joined him two years later.


Source reference NI0508 :
Gerrit died young, before the family came to America in 1848.


Source reference NI0511 :
Died before the family immigrated to the U.S. in 1848.


Source reference NI0519 :
On the marriage certificate, Hattie's father was listed as ___________
Stapert and her mother was listed as unknown. It was her first marriage and she did not have any children.
On her death certificate(Microfilm 1, Record 571, Kent County Clerk's Office), the father's name was listed as Samuel. Hattie died at age 54 of hypostatic pneumonia and a brain tumor. She is buried at Restlawn Cemetery, Grand Rapids. The informant was her husband, Herman.


Source reference NI0522 :
His name was still Egbertus on his marriage certificate to Jeltje Folkersma on February 16, 1876, but it was Edward on both his and Jeltje's death certificates. It was also Edward in November 4, 1925 on his daughter, Lena's marriage certificate. The witnesses at the marriage were Johannus Folkersma, his father-in-law, and Jan Vander Veen, both of Grand Rapids. The source for the marriage certificate was Book4/Page 210/Record 7237 at the Kent County Clerk's Office.
According to the death certificate(Microfilm 11, Record 20895, Kent County Clerk's Office), Edward died at 1137 Broadway NW where he lived with Lena Postma, his daughter, who was also the informant on the death certificate. Edward was age 94/2/9days when he passed away and his occupation on the certificate was "retired." The cause of death was hypostatic bronchopneumonia as a complication of a broken hip from an accident in the home. His father and mother were listed as Hendericus Tenckinck and Saapke Johanna Oosenga.
Egbertus probably came to the U.S. around 1875 or 76. Both Egbertus and his father Hendericus are listed in the 1876-77 Grand Rapids City Directory, but brother Louw is not because he probably came to the U.S. in 1881.
Egbertus' middle name was found on his son Wybrandus' marriage record.


Source reference NI0523 :
The marriage certificate states that Jeltje was a resident of Grand Rapids and that the witnesses at the marriage were Johannus Folkersma, her father, and Jan Vander Veen, both of Grand Rapids. The source is Kent County Clerk's Office, Book4/Page210/Record 7237.
The death certiciate(microfilm 1, Record 1207 at Kent County Clerk's Office) states that her father was Johannes(probably Johannus) Folkertsma(probably without the "t" according to other records), and that her mother was Lena Bursma, both of The Netherlands. An additional cause of death was cenility(probably senility). The informant was Anna Tenckinck.


Source reference NI0524 :
According to the marriage certificate(Book 22/Page 172, Kent County Clerk's Office), Lena was 46 years old when she married for the first time. She was a resident of G.R.. The witnesses to the marriage were James Postma and George Brouwer of G.R.. Her mother is listed as Jennie Folkertsma with a "t" in the name.


Source reference NI0525 :
His marriage certificate states that he was 60 years old when he married Lena Tenckinck and that it was her first marriage and his second. The witnesses at the marriage were James Postma and George Brouwer, both of Grand Rapids. Sipke's residence was Grand Rapids.


Source reference NI0528 :
Not positive that he was Jennie's father, but he was listed as a witness at Jeltje's wedding to Egbertus Tenckinck. Also, the name may be Folkertsma. Some documents have it spelled with a "t."


Source reference NI0530 :
According to his death certificate(Book 13/Page 313/Record 14 at Kent County Clerk's Office), Henry was age 49/5/18days and single when he died. General paresis means paralysis which is interesting because the Henry G. Tenckinck who was divorced from Florence Maude McCrath technically died from paralysis when he broke his neck in a farming accident, possibly drunk at the time because that was the reason for the divorce. It is also curious that the other Henry died at age 48 when most of the other Tenckinck's lived very long lives.
Apparently the two brothers, Louw and Egbertus each named their first male children Henry G.. This could mean that Henry G. was their father's name as was the custom in the old country. The custom may have been to use the grandfather's middle name for the grandson's first name so I will have to check on the custom.
Roxe Tenckinck-Davies believes that the G. in the Henry G. married to Florence stood for a Dutch name something like Gerritus, but on the same Henry's death certificate the middle name was George. On the other Henry's death certificate, only the middle intiail, "G" was used.


Source reference NI0531 :
The Marriage Certificate(Book 15/Page 50 Kent County Clerk's Office) states that John was 28 when he married and that he was living in G.R..
It was his first marriage. The witnesses at the marriage were Harold Gott of Ionia and Langman Tenckinck of G.R..
There was no issue according to Roxe Davies.


Source reference NI0544 :
Her death certificate(Book 2, Page 19, Kent County Clerk) states that she was age 11/4/0days when she died of diptheria. Five days later Lyman McCrath died of diptheria at age 3/1/odays. He was the son of Walter & Ella McCrath.


Source reference NI0547 :
In the 1860 Federal Census for Kent County, Sophia was listed as living alone, next door or two doors away from James Ewing and Sophia's sister, Louisa Kemp-Ewing and their family. The census stated that Sophia was 40 years old, which makes her very close to the age of her sister Louisa. Sophia was born in New York like her sister and resided in G.R.Twp. in 1860. Figuring backwards Sophia would have been born in 1820, but the Family Bible has her date of birth posted as November 16, 1814.


Source reference NI0548 :
Source of birthdate was family Bible and well as the source of the wedding date.


Source reference NI0549 :
From the family Bible it is difficult to read whether Rebecca's last name is Hartmon or Hartman


Source reference NI0550 :
Source of birthdate was the family Bible.


Source reference NI0551 :
Not certain whether Francis is a man or woman, but chose a man because
Frances Charles McCrath was a man. Source of birthdate was the family Bible.


Source reference NI0552 :
Source of birthdate was the family Bible.


Source reference NI0553 :
Source of birthdate was family Bible(separate page).


Source reference NI0554 :
Source of birthdate was family Bible, separate sheet of paper.


Source reference NI0555 :
Source of birthdate was the family Bible, separate sheet of paper.


Source reference NI0556 :
Source of birthdate is the family Bible, separate sheet of paper. However, it is very difficult to read because the ink has faded, and there may be a number 1 or 2 before the 5 next to June.


Source reference NI0557 :
Source of birthdate was the family Bible, but it is difficult to read because the ink has faded. The first name is not definite.


Source reference NI0558 :
The source of birthdate is the family Bible, separate sheet of paper. The ink is faded, but the only questionable part is the 14th.


Source reference NI0563 :
Her name was found on the christening certificate of Anna Catharina Ulrich. I am surmising that she was Sophie's sister and that Anna Catharina, later Katherine Anne Harms, was named after Sophie's sister.


Source reference NI0564 :
James' sister Jeanette's obituary says that James, as of 10 Jan 1938, lived in Natchez, Mississippi, surviving his sister Jeanette.


Source reference NI0565 :
Source of information about Rev. Schepers is a letter from J William Horton to his relatives and held by Roberta C. Harms in the Schepers file. The death date is approximate. It is three days before the death notice in the Cincinnati Daily Times which was published 22 March 1878. It was usually a couple of days after death that the notice appeared.


Source reference NI0566 :
Source of information is a letter by J William Horton to his relatives. A better source is Jantien's birth register (for Sleen, Drenthe, The Netherlands) found at References to her in the USA, so far are to Jantje instead of Jantien.
Jantje left Rotterdam, The Netherlands with her father Hendrik, two brothers Al and Kaaas (Hann is name on transcription of manifest list), sister Altje, aunt Geessijn (father Hendrik's sister) with husband Jan Rittering and their children, aboard the Erasmus, arriving 20 Aug 1847.


Source reference NI0567 :
Source of information about Mary and her children as well as Jacob and Mary's children is a letter from J William Horton to all the Schaap relatives in the 1940's.


Source reference NI0572 :
The Morley Dr. address may have been when he was 5 years old. There is also another address next to his name in Jannette's birthday book, The Sands of Time, A Book of Birthday Gems. That second address is 172 W. 20th St.. My guess is Holland or Zeeland or Blendon, MI.
His last known residence in the Social Security Death Index was 44857 Norwalk, Huron, OH.
From the Ohio Death's is the confirmation of his residence, the fact that he was a widow, that he died at age 88, that his occupation was a manager or administrator in a business.
There are lots of other Scheper's deaths in Norwalk, Huron, OH. They are likely relatives.


Source reference NI0573 :
Hard to figure from J William Horton's letter to the Schapp relatives, but Vina is either John Cornelius's wife or daughter.


Source reference NI0577 :
Really there is no hyphen between "Van" and "Voorst," but this program would not show her last name as Schaap if I didn't hyphenate "Van" and "Voorst."


Source reference NI0581 :
Liz claimed that she was a direct descendent of Robert E. Lee.


Source reference NI0583 :
Died in a motorcycle accident.


Source reference NI0587 :
Regarding William's death date:
William is George W.'s father on his birth certificate, Oct or Nov 1888.
There is no 1890 Census for Amanda or Wm..
In the 1900 Census Amanda is not living with William, but she states that she is married.
In the 1910 Census it is difficult to read whether Amanda is married or widowed so Wm. could possibly have died before Apr 1910, but he was alive and living at the Mills Hotel, NYCity as of Feb 9, 1909. That is why it is a good idea to start the search for his death date as of Feb. 9, 1909. That is also why he likely died in NYCity.
William is likely to be a relation of James since their birthdates are close.
William was a jeweler in 1888 when George W. was born.


Source reference NI0594 :
George had an engraving business. He painted the picture of the cows that Roxe Davies hung in her living room. It was a gift from F. Maude McCrath, her mother, on Roxe's wedding.
George's obituary, Grand Rapids Herald, Tues., 5 Sep 1933 simply says "Funeral this afternoon at the residence. Burial at Fairplains Cemetery." That is the reason that his death date is described as "ABT."


Source reference NI0596 :
In his mother Bessie's obituary two grandchildren are mentioned. Only one son, L. Austin in mentioned in the obituary and E. Roxe Tenchinck-Davies only recalled one son so the two grandchildren were probably both L. Austins.


Source reference NI0598 :
Esther died at a young age according to the "Kemp Family Record."


Source reference NI0599 :
According to the "Kemp Family Record" 1872 was listed next to Elias, but there was no event to describe the date, probably death date, but could have been marriage date.


Source reference NI0606 :
Hard to read whether the Family Bible says her birthdate was 1804 or 1824. Since she was the last child listed after Elizabeth born March 29,
1924, it seems as if 1924 is correct, but that would mean that her mother became pregnant for Mary within a week of giving birth to Elizabeth is she went to fullterm. The "Kemp Family Record" has Mary's birthdate as 1804, but it may have been copied from the Family Bible, incorrectly. Mary died at age 13 according to the "Kemp Family Record."


Source reference NI0620 :
Maybe Fannie's maiden name was Neely since her last child David had a middle name of Neely.


Source reference NI0649 :
Florence was mentioned in her grandmother Florence Louisa Ewing-Leffingwell's obituary, Grand Rapids Herald, Grand Rapids, MI, 30 Aug 1928, p 6.


Source reference NI0650 :
Information came from E. Roxe Tenckinck-Davies, either from memory or the Ewing family bible. Confirmed in the obituary of Georgiana Cargil, his mother-in-law, where the "J." was found, but the spelling in the obituary was "Lewis."


Source reference NI0651 :
Irma's name was given to Bobbe Horton by Roxe Tenckinck-Davies to add to the family tree. Her name was found again in the obituary of Florence Louisa Ewing-Leffingwell, 29 Aug 1928, Grand Rapids Herald. She was named as one of three grandchildren of Florence. However, her surname didn't match the one given by Roxe. I am speculating that she had been widowed or divorced from Vormeest and married Boone.


Source reference NI0652 :
Hard to read his last name on the "Kemp Family Record." It may be Wormeest or Yormeest.


Source reference NI0653 :
While researching Nathaniel's son, George R. and his occupations in the 1860 & 1870 census, I spoke with the Arcadia Historian, Bob Hoeltzel(2/2003). He said that someone who described himself as a "boatman"(1860 Census) could have been a captain or a hogee(walks with the mule or horse along the Erie Canal while the animal pulls the barge). In the 1870 census, George's occupation was "lock tenderer". He opened and closed the lock by hand as the boats went through the canal locks at Lockville.
Lockville may be a key comment made by Bob Hoeltzel. I am currently(11/2003) trying to determine if Nathaniel Horton(George's father) was the son of Jonah Horton of Chester, Morris Co., NJ. The Hortons in America book by Adeline White says that Jonah died in Lockport, NY, although he was born and buried in Chester. Perhaps he went to visit or stay with Nathaniel who lived in Arcadia near Lockville. If he died in Arcadia, the news may have reported his death as Lockville, a larger and more recognizable town at the time. According to Bob, Lockville was disolved many years ago..
According to Nathaniel's father Jonah's will, Nathaniel was to receive "two hundred dollars in one year after my "?(illegible word) demise." The will describes Nathaniel as having a middle initial which I think is "D," but I'm not sure. If it's a "J," possibly for Jonah, that would help the case for the relationship between Nathaniel and Jonah. The children are named in the will in the same order, by age, as they are in The Hortons in America. The will does not say where Nathaniel lives. I was hoping that this would be the proof that Jonah's son and George R. Horton's father were the same person. When Jonah was writing his will, Nathaniel was living in Arcadia, Wayne Co., NY, and Jonah was living in Chester, Morris Co., NJ. I believe the distribution of property does indicate that Nathaniel had moved away. That's why he received a monetary bequest instead of a share of the farm. Normally, as the eldest son, Nathaniel would have inherited part of all of his father's land. From Arcadia deeds we know that Nathaniel owned land(add details from deed) in Arcadia when Jonah died. Jonah may have felt that Nathaniel had made a life for himself and financially he didn't need to inherit land in NJ or need to dilute the ownership of the land for the other brothers.
The case for Nathaniel, father of George R. Horton, being the son of Jonah Horton of Chester Twp., NJ is supported by:
1)the fact that the 1845 and 1855 NY Census for Arcadia have Morris Co., NJ, as Nathaniel and Delilah's place of birth. Son Theodore is also listed as being born in NJ. Daughter Jane, according to researcher Laura Harrison(Jane's gggrandaughter) was also born in NJ, as confirmed by several sources she sent me copies of.
2)Chester Twp. is in Morris Co., NJ and was settled by Congregationalists(many of them Hortons) who came from Southold, Long Island, where the Hortons, descended from Barnabas, settled in 1640.
3)In The Hortons in America, Adeline White lists a Nathaniel, born in 1794, as the first-born son of Jonah Horton and Jane Dalrymple(no further information about Nathaniel). On Nathaniel's tombstone in East Newark Cemetery his date of birth is 1794.
4)Jonah's death, according to Ms. White took place in Lockport, although he is buried in Chester. Nathaniel lived very close to Lockville which sounds similar to Lockport and which could have been reported eroneously.
5)the assumptions that could be made about Jonah's bequst to his son Nathaniel as described in the above paragraph.


Source reference NI0654 :
From the 1850 Census for Arcadia Township, Wayne Co., NY, it was determined that Delilah was George's mother and that George's father was Nathaniel. Also living in the household were Esther, age 14, and James, age 10, both born in NY, and both attending school. Nathaniel, age 53 was a farmer, and George, age 20 was a boatman. There was a "C"(?rest of word is illegible) laborer living with them named Redman Jennings, age 50, born in NY.
Could not find Delilah(Nathaniel died 6 Feb 1860 & the census was taken June 1860) in the 1860 Fed'l Census for Wayne County. Delilah did not appear alone or as head of household with James(Esther was married, living with her husband Seth, but Delilah wasn't in their household either) who would have been 20 years old. She could have remarried and have been living with her new husband, but in the 1870 census she shows up as Delila Horton. Checked 1860 Fed'l Census on everyname index) for all of NY as well as the whole U.S. for Delilah, but no matches. It would be a good idea to get a photocopy of all of the Hortons in each of the printed indexes of 1860 Census for NY, available at the Orange County Genealogical Soceity Library and Family History Library and maybe the Grand Rapids Public Library, to see if they reveal anything that isn't in the index. There is a possibility that Delilah was enumerated as Catherine in 1860 because there is a Catherine Horton as head-of-household living with son James(doesn't have an "S"), age 20, in Arcadia, Wayne Co., NY. Besides James not having an "S" in his name as he usually did, the age of Catherine is 56 instead of 60. It seems like a 20-year-old son would know his mother's age, but this is the only possibility in the U.S., and it happens to be in Arcadia so it's a good bet.
In the 1870 Census for NY Delila Horton, age 70, is living with her son George Horton and his family. Delilah was born about 1800 in NJ, and the value of her personal assets was $1400, according to the 1870 Census.
When George leaves New York with his family, Delilah doesn't join them. She was found in the 1880 Census for Arcadia, living alone. George's daughter Nora also stayed in New York and is found in the 1880 Census for Arcadia, living in a home near Delilah, unmarried, age 16, working for the family she lives with.


Source reference NI0655 :
Source of information for Margaret's father's name is the marriage register of her brother Jason to Jane Anderson. This may not be the right Jason Burchill. Samuel's birthplace as County Cork is a guess since Jason was born there(again, the marriage register) and because Ida Feenstra said the same. A third source was the 1880 Fed'l Census for Michigan, Ottawa Co. for George R. Horton. That said that Margaret's father was born in Ireland.
Ida also believes that the last name is "Burchell" with an "e" and not "Burchill." It was not uncommon in the 1800s to find the same surname spelled several ways. Perhaps the spelling was changed at one time. Ida has been wrong several times before.
Margaret Burchill wrote a letter to her daughter Carrie (second marriage). Margaret says that at age three she and her sisters Elizabeth and Mary went to live with their older sister Anne because their father (Jason) and mother died. However, from census records, it looks like Jason was still living in 1861, 1871 and 1881. If only Isabella (wife's name in the census entry) died, then it is unlikely that probate or will records exist to confirm Anne's guradianship of her sisters. There is no mention of wife Isabella, as there was in the 1851 census for Grey County, Ontario, Canada. As was the custom in those times, the young girls may have gone to live with the older married sister Anne (married per 1851 census) because the mother was dead and the father was expected to farm the land, with no time to raise three girls. The young boys in the family at that time, Robert and Andrew (10 and 8 years respectively on the 1851 census) may have stayed with their dad and five older brothers, listed on the 1851 census). Some of these hypotheses may be proven by more in depth census searches for the years after 1851.


Source reference NI0656 :
Source of information for Margaret Bertule's mother's birthplace as France was the 1880 Federal Census of George R. Horton.
Pat Hall believes that Margaret's maiden name was Burchill or Burchell
according to a letter written by Carrie Hall-Hoffman, Margaret's daughter as
"Now as for Mother's side of the family, I don't have too much. She was
Margaret Burchill, daughter of Jason and Ann Burchill. Her parents were
both born in Cork, Ireland as were the two oldest children, Ann and Jason. Mary, Margaret and Elizabeth were born in Canada at a place called
Stratford. Mother's mother died when she was three years old so s
went to live with her sister Ann in Kincardine. The Horton children,
Mayme, Gertrude and Will were born there. Mother was born October 31,
1852. Died October 8, 1920."


Source reference NI0658 :
Amanda's MC to Ernest Bastian states:
1)She was a widow, marrying for the second time;
2)Amand, not Amanda was the name on the MC;
3)She was White;
4)Amanda was 65 years old;
5)She resided at 231 Grand St. with Ernest;
6)Her father and mother were Joseph Hoff and Mary Carlin
7)Amanda's signature is on the MC, signing as Amanda
On the 1900 NJ Census it says that Amanda had five children, four living. That is why there is an "Unknown Smith" listed as one of her children.
On Amanda's son James William's birth certificate, it says that Amanda was born in M.C. New Jersey. M.C. could be Morris or Mammouth County. In 1860 Census, Amanda, age 4 and her parents are living in New York City.


Source reference NI0660 :
The source of the information on Egbert and Jennie was Augusta "Gussie" Nieuwsma and her sister Barbar Delman.


Source reference NI0665 :
Geert came to the U.S. on the ship Antoinette Marie which left Bentheim, Friesland, The Netherlands on March 15, 1847 and arrived in New York on May 23, 1847. He arrived in Michigan June 1847.


Source reference NI0668 :
The source of information for Hidde and his wife Jantje is Augusta "Gussie" Nieuwsma-Spencer and her sister Barbara Delman.
Jantje lived in Blyia, Friesland, The Netherlands.
After they were married, they lived in Ferwerd so Barbara thinks that they may have been married there.


Source reference NI0671 :
The town of Hogelbuintum is listed with Hette on the Nieuwsma Family Tree from Augusta "Gussie" Heneveld-Spencer, but it may be spelled Hogebuintum or something similar(place of birth).


Source reference NI0686 :
The Nieuwsma Family Tree states that Jouigi descended from French Nobility.


Source reference NI0687 :
Not sure whether Marrum refers to the town he was born, died, or lived in.
Believe that Peter and Renses are his first and middle names, but don't know the name before it was changed to Nieuwsma.


Source reference NI0689 :
According to the Newuwsma Family Tree, the Nieuwsma name came into existence in 1811 under Napoleon's rule of The Netherlands.
Believe that Renze Heins is the first and middle names, but don't know the last name before it was changes to Nieuwsma.


Source reference NI0703 :
Birthdate may be October 17, 1878.
There is an Alice Grace Albers, whose birthdate was 4 Apr (no year) and was found as an entry in The Sands of Time, A Book of Birthday Gems, by Jannette Schepers. Perhaps Alice was the daughter of George or maybe a sister.


Source reference NI0711 :
On son Lorenz's death certificate it said that his mother's name was Catharina Ulrich, probably because the informant didn't know her maiden name.


Source reference NI0714 :
According to her father Ray's obituary, she was living in Bowie, MD on 13 Aug 1996.


Source reference NI0715 :
Hard to tell from daughter Florence's birth register is Emma's last name is Andersen or Anderson. Looks more like Andersen, but should check the Bessie's marriage certificate again because it looked like "son" on there.
On Bessie's birth register, it also says that Bessie was Emma's second child, yet the 1910 Federal Census shows Bessie as the oldest child. The birth register also states that the first child is still living when Bessie was born.
On Bessie's birth register, Emma's age is 22 so she must have been born in 1865 in CT, but on the 1910 Federal Census, her age meant that she was born in 1868 or 1869.
Emma's Death Certificate #1807 or 128484 gives the following information:
Emma resided at 324 82nd St. in Brooklyn at the time of her death. Roger and Bobbe Horton resided at 507 82nd St. in their first apartment(1970-71) after they were married.
She was widowed from Peter V. Strom.
Emma was a housewife.
She was a white, female, age 64 or 67(illegible).
Emma was born in Middletown, CT and resided in NYC for 50 years(question this).
Emma's father was Charles Strom(Wrong, it was Charles Wolff), born in Middletown, CT(believe that he was born in Germany from other sources).
Her mother's maiden name was Mary Anderson(her mother's married name, actually), born in NYC(believe that she was born in Germany according to Emma's MC).
Emma died from a type of anemia.
She was buried on September 12, 1932 at Evergreen Cemetery, Brooklyn, NY
10/14/94 N.Y. City Dept of Records & Bessie Wolff's Emma's name, age
Info Services, Municipal B.C. 22, birthplace CT, &
Archives, 31 Chambers St. the fact that she
(212)566-5292 had a child, still liv-
ing before Bessie.


Source reference NI0717 :
From the groom's wedding announcement comes the following information: "Mr. Davies was graduated from Admiral Farragut Academy in St. Petersburg, in 1957 and is now attending Florida State University in Tallahassee where he is a member of Delta Tau Delta fraternity."


Source reference NI0720 :
After George's death, Margaret married Richard Hall, a farmer from London, England(see 1880 census) who was 32-40 years her senior(hard to read the census, but it looks like he was either 60 or 68 in Jan. 1880). I don't know the exact marriage date of George and Margaret, but George died in June 4. 1880, and in June 1, 1880(time of census) Richard was still married to Catherine, age 60. Richard, from London, and Margaret were married March 7, 1881 in Holland City, Ottawa Co., MI.
Margaret's death certificate states that her father was Jason Burchill and her mother was Maggie Bernard(a letter from Carrie Hall-Hoffman says that Margaret's mother's name was Ann--last name unknown), but Margaret's father's name was listed as Bertule on her death certificate. To add to the confusion, the Blendon Twp. Cemetery records show that a Jacob Bachman is buried in the same plot as Margaret Horton-Hall(the Hall family plot). Margaret is buried in Lot 56, grave 2. Her second husband, Richard is buried in grave 1, grave 3 is open, and Jacob Bachman is buried in grave 4. Another confusion from the cemetery records states her death as 1920, but her death certificate states September 8, 1919, and the letter from Carrie states her death as October 8, 1920(this casts doubt on Carrie's letter as do other findings). Her obituary in the Grand Rapids Herald, p. 6 was published on Tues., 9 Sepp 1919.
The 1880 Federal Census for George R. Horton confirms Margaret's birthplace as Canada and that her father was born in Ireland. Her mother's birthplace is given as France, but again, the letter from Carrie Hall-Hoffman states her mother's birthplace was Cork, Ireland, as well as her father being from Cork. Margaret was 27 at the time of the census which confirms her birth in 1852, but the letter from Carrie Hall-Hoffman states that Margaret's birth date was October 31, 1852. Perhaps, her birth was October, but she was christened December 1, 1852 and took that as her birth date as people sometimes did in those days.
Pat Hall, 777 Port Sheldon Rd., Grandville, MI 49418-9512 sent me the copy of the letter from Carrie about her mother Margaret. Other bits of information in the letter from Carrie include: the two oldest children of Ann and Jason(also named Ann and Jason) were born in Cork, Ireland, like their parents; the three youngest children, Mary, Margaret, and Elizabeth were born in Stratford, Ontario, Canada; Margaret's mother died when she was 3 so she went to live with her older sister Ann who lived in Kincardine, Bruce Co., Ontario; Margaret was born on October 31, 1852(I had December 1, 1852, from her death certificate); and Margaret's death as October 8, 1920(I have September 8, 1919 from her death certificate, yet the cemetery records show 1920 as well).
In Roger Horton's baby book, the family tree(probably printed by J William Horton) shows Margaret Burchel Horton as Roger's great grandmother. This spelling of her last name is different from what I've seen before. I should search for this spelling as well.
Margaret's obituary says that she died at the home of her daughter Gertrude in Grand Rapids, Kent Co., MI., but she lived most of her life in Ottowa Co. and Blendon Township.


Source reference NI0726 :
In the 1880 Fed'l Census for Geneva, Ontario Co., NY Seth was living with his in-laws and his wife Annie. His occupation was "house carpenter." He was 26 years old, born in NY, father born in NJ(perhaps he was a neighbor of Nathaniel's in NJ), mother born in NY.


Source reference NI0727 :
This Charles was definitely a son of Nathaniel & Delilah. Delilah states on a 1845 or 1855 Wayne Co., Arcadia NY Census that she had four children who are all accounted for with Theodore F.(written on Delilah's tombstone that she was the mother of T.F. & also he bought Nathaniel and Delilah's 7 acres and gave them a life estate), George R., James, and Esther without counting this Charles. However, since he died young, she may have thought that she shouldn't count him on the answer to the census question "How many children do you have?" This Charles died at age 5m 19d on Mar 18, 1841, in the E Newark Cemetery, Wayne Co., NY & is identified as "Son of N. & Delilah" on his tombstone. That would make 5 children instead of 4 unless James or Esther weren't children of Delilah & Nathaniel, but were adopted or just living with them in the 1850 census.
The other Charles buried at the E. Newark Cemetery died Mar 16, 1895, age 60 yrs. The Charles Horton that kept popping up in the census(1860, 1870, & 1880) in Arcadia(once next door to George or Nathaniel) was born 5 yrs. earlier(1830) than the Charles in the cemetery. This Charles who died in 1895 has no descriptive relationship next to his data on his tombstone.


Source reference NI0729 :
East Newark tombstone records state that Esther Probasco was 63 when she died. She died the same day and year as Eliza Horton(Theodore F.'s wife).
That this Esther is George R. Horton's sister who was first discovered on the 1850 Census is confirmed by the fact that she was visiting or living with her mother Delilah in the 1865 NY, Wayne Co., Arcadia Census where she is listed as Esther Probasco, a married woman.


Source reference NI0768 :
When Pat Hall sent me the information about Lillian, she made the following notation: "Lillian Hall-Lehnen(brother to Martin Lehnen)". On the family page that she completed for Lillian, her husband is Martin Lehnen. Perhaps she married Martin's brother first, but had no children and then she married Martin and had the five children listed to her and Martin.?
For some reason, I have Lydia's birthdate as 1884, but Pat Hall says it is 1885.


Source reference NI0774 :
She died at 18 Perry St., according to her obituary.


Source reference NI0775 :
Lambert is described as surviving Dorothy who died in 1963, hence the estimate of his death date.


Source reference NI0778 :
His obituary says that William "was a WWII Veteran and retired plant manager fo McCord Corporation. He was one of the founding families of the Holy Trinity Episcopal Church. He spent the last several years traveling and meeting and making new friends. He was preceded in death by his wife, Ann of 32 years of marriage."
Ann is spelled without an "e" on the end in William's obituary. There is an obituary in the Grand Rapids Press, Grand Rapids, Kent Co., MI for an "Anne" Lehnen, Mon. 25 Sep 1978, p E-6. It is probably the right Anne, but it hasn't been confirmed.


Source reference NI0809 :
Source of Seth's parents birthplace is 1880 Fed'l Census for Geneva, Ontario, NY(FHL film 1254909, p. 202C) when Seth was enumerated.


Source reference NI0810 :
Source of Seth's parents birthplace is 1880 Fed'l Census for Geneva, Ontario, NY(FHL film 1254909, p. 202C) when Seth was enumerated.


Source reference NI0811 :
William's death record was found in the Middletown, Middlesex Co., CT Record of Deaths for December 1892 on line 25, FHL film 1513711, p. 256, Vol. 12. Additional information on the death record includes:
Male, white, caucasian
Born in Germany
Residence at death: Middletown
Occupation: farmer
No names of parents
Birthplace of parents: Germany
Primary cause of death: enlargement of heart
Physician or person certifying: Leonard Bailey


Source reference NI0812 :
I have checked and rechecked the entry for Mary S. and William's birth record. They must have been twins who were born 6-7 days apart and in two different years(December 25, 1855 & January 1, 1856).
From the Record of Death, Middletown, Middlesex Co, CT, June 26, 1873, FHL film 1513709, p. 60, vol. 9 comes the following additonal information:
Female, married(with a ? next to it, but others had question marks too)
Born in the Grand Duchy of Baden
Place of death: Middletown
Cause of death: inflamation of bowels
Occupation: housekeeper
Color: white
Name of parents: Reginald
Physician or person certifying: Geo. W. Burke MD
It can be inferred from the record above that Mary Anna died the day after giving birth to a daughter named Anna, who died the next day after birth, the same day as her mother died.


Source reference NI0813 :
Information about Peter came from the 1910 Federal Census. He was an elevator operator, but was not employed in 1910. The daughter of Peter and Emma, Edna, was only 2 days old when the census was taken in April, 1910. As I remember, Edna's birthday was April 4.


Source reference NI0814 :
Al and Edna had no children. They lived in Huntington, L.I.. Edna was a teacher at a private girl's school for many years. She was rather eccentric, owning or caring for as many as 40 cats at her house. At that point, Helen & Bob Harms stopped going to visit Edna & Al, but they continued to visit the Harms in Delaware. Edna loved to buy gifts from catalogues and shower them on Richard and Roberta. She always called herself the "Beachcroft Santa" or the "Beachcroft Bunny" at Easter. Beachcroft came from where they lived in Huntington, near the beach. Edna was articulate, creative, and wrote wonderful letters.
Al was very happy, go-lucky. He loved to work double crossticks for hours. He will always be remembered for his renditions of the "Frog Song"(not sure of the title), especially when he was drunk.


Source reference NI0835 :
See Edwin's "scrapbook" in FTM for a copy of his obituary.


Source reference NI0836 :
See Gertrude's "scrapbook" in FTM for a copy of her obituary.


Source reference NI0849 :
When I searched for all Menards in NJ between 1700 and 1860 in the Fed'l Census, Henry was not only the only one in NJ, but was also found in Morris Co., where possible son-in-law Nathaniel was from. Henry was from Randolph Twp. instead of Chester Twp. like Nathaniel was, but they are contiguous townships. The 1850 Census is where I found Henry's age of 72, the fact that he was the head of the household(three non-related, i.e. different surnames, were also living there) and his wife Hannah, age 70, born in NJ. Henry was a farmer with real estate assets of $2300, and he was born in NJ. There were no additional columns checked off on the census. The entry was #28 on p. 10, Image 19 of 63( The Census was taken August 23, 1850. Neither Henry nor Hannah shows up in a later census so I estimated both their deaths as AFT 1850.
Henry was also found in the 1840 Census for Randolph Twp., Morris Co., NJ on p. 222, entry 28, Image 19 of 20( Henry was age 60-70; Hannah(not named in Census) was 50-60; there were also three males age 10-15, and two males age 5-10. Relationships or names are not given except the name of the Head of the Household.


Source reference NI0850 :
According to Andries death record, he was married and 71 years old, at the time of his death. That means that he married again after Ymkje died in 1858, or divorced Ymkje and remarried.


Source reference NI0855 :
When I searched for all Menards in NJ between 1700 and 1860 in the Fed'l Census, Henry was not only the only one in NJ, but was also found in Morris Co., where possible son-in-law Nathaniel was from. Henry was from Randolph Twp. instead of Chester Twp. like Nathaniel was, but they are continguous townships. The 1850 Census is where I found Henry's age of 72, the fact that he was the head of the household(three non-related, i.e. different surnames, were also living there) and his wife Hannah, age 70, born in NJ. Henry was a farmer with real estate assets of $2300, and he was born in NJ. There were no additional columns checked off on the census. The entry was #28 on p. 10, Image 19 of 63( The Census was taken August 23, 1850. Henry does not appear in any census after 1850 so I estimated his death as AFT 1850.
Henry was also found in the 1840 Census for Randolph Twp., Morris Co., NJ on p. 222, entry 28, Image 19 of 20( Henry was age 60-70; Hannah(not named in Census) was 50-60; there were also three males age 10-15, and two males age 5-10. Relationships or names are not given except the name of the Head of the Household.


Source reference NI0858 :
Maria was noted as deceased on her son Peter Hinrich's marriage registry from St. Johannis Lutheran Church in Altona, Germany, dated Sep 27, 1868.


Source reference NI0859 :
Johann's name was found on his son's church marriage registry from St. Johannis Lutheran Church of Altona, Germany. He was listed as Peter Hinrich Harms' late father. His wife was listed as Maria Lunsmann, also deceased. Johann's occupation was linenweaver.


Source reference NI0865 :
Joseph and Martha were married in a Catholic Church.


Source reference NI0867 :
There were many different birthdates in different sources for Nathaniel, but one was 1794 on his tombstone. This was the same year that a Nathaniel was born to Jonah Horton & Jane Dalrymple in Chester Twp., Morris Co., NJ, according to The Hortons in America by George F. Horton. After researching every Horton genealogy(book form) at the Allen County Public Library, Ft. Wayne, IN, I found that only in the The Hortons in America did the name Nathaniel occur with regularity. Only in The Hortons in America was there a Nathaniel Horton born between 1794 and 1802(the book said that he was born in 1794 which matches his tombstone in Arcadia, Wayne Co., NY) which were the possible dates of Nathaniel's birth from both federal and state censuses. In other words there is only one source corroboration at this point that Jonah is Nathaniel's father. I hope to find more clues in the NJ Tax Rateables, 1792-1822 and a copy of Jonah's will which I requested from the NJ State Archives, Sept. 27, 2004 so that I can then rely more on the names of the ancestors and descendants in Hortons in America and proceed to erase all of the "?" marks after all of the names which I took from the book The Hortons in America.
According to the tax records(tax ratables), Jonah owned 100 acres of land in Chester Twp., Morris Co., NJ in 1822. I didn't find any notes in the ratables to establish a relationship between Jonah and Nathaniel, but I need to peruse these tables more carefully, especially looking for whether Jonah's son Nathaniel owned land before he moved to Arcadia. The tax ratables at FHL go, I believe, only to 1822. I should try to determine the number of acres that Jonah owned in 1843. According to Jonah's will, "the whole of my Homestead farm to be equally divided among them"(Jonah's three youngest sons, Elisha B., Barnabas C., and Archibald O.). I should try to find out the value of 33.33 acres of farmland in Randolph Twp. in 1843 that was bequethed to each of the youngest sons versus the $200 cash bequethed to Nathaniel, the oldest son.
As regards Jonah's will written on 4 Sep 1838, I have a copy of it. It begins "Whereas I Jonah Horton of the township of Randolph, county of morris and state of New Jersey, calling to mind the mortality of this body, the uncertainty of time and being of sound mind, I "m------," do make this my last will and testament, in manner and form as follows --". The bequethes to each of the children are recorded in their FTM Notes. Besides the monetary and Homestead farm specific bequeths to individuals, Jonah instructed his executors who were two of his sons, Barnabas C. and Elisha B., to sell other lands that he owned and all his "movable property" and pay his debts. If there was any remaining money then it was to be equally divided amongst his surviving children.
The witnesses to the will were Jacob Briant(probably a relation to his wife Hannah), Daniel P. Merchant and Abraham Seward. Their signatures are on the will as well as Jonah, Elisha and Barnabas.
Also included with the will is the"Inventory of the Personal Property of Jonah Horton ." The inventory includes farm animals and implements, grain and coal, and household goods totaling an appraised value of $932.76. All of the specific items are listed and tallied and then their value is attested to by an appraiser and the executors on a separate page.


Source reference NI0872 :
Joseph Hoff and Mary Ann Carlin are who Amanda Hoff-Smith lists as her parents on her marriage certificate # 476, NJ, to Ernest Bastian. These are the same people who show up as her parents on the 1860 Census for NYC where the name is "HUFF"(Amanda is 4 years old), and on the 1870 Census for Jersey City Heights, Hudson Co., NJ(Amanda is 14 years old) as her parents. On the 1880 Census for Jersey City, Hudson Co., NJ, Amanda is married & living in NYC with her husband James Smith & son James W., but Amanda's parents Joseph and Mary Ann are on the 1880 Census for Jersey City, Hudson Co., NJ with her siblings still living at home.
I haven't been able to find Amanda's birth certificate in M. C., NJ(think it stands for Morris County) yet. I did look in Manhattan with no luck in 1855-1860. The NJ Archives said that they couldn't find her birth certificate either. Next trip to SLC I will double check both the NJ & NY birth records for 1855-60.


Source reference NI0873 :
1870 & 1880 Census say that Mary Ann was born in NY, but 1880 Census says that she was born in Ireland if you use the place of birth of each of the children. The latter seems to be a mistake.


Source reference NI0874 :
Ernest's MC states:
1)He was a baker;
2)He resided at 231 Grand St, Hoboken, with Amanda Smith;
3)He was born in Germany;
4)His parents were Matthias Bastian and Minnie Hochseps
5)This was his second marriage;
6)He was a widower;
7)He was White and 58 years old.


Source reference NI0884 :
As of February 2000, Harriet and Bert lived in Colorado.


Source reference NI0885 :
As of Febraury 2000, Harriet and Bert lived in Colorado.


Source reference NI0886 :
As of February 2000, Geneva and Marcus lived in California.


Source reference NI0887 :
As of Febraury 2000, Maurice and Geneva lived in California.


Source reference NI0888 :
As of February 2000, Jean and Luke were living in Virginia.


Source reference NI0889 :
As of February 2000, Luke and Jean lived in Virginia.


Source reference NI0890 :
As of February 2000, George and Dottie were living in Alabama.


Source reference NI0891 :
As of February 2000, Dottie and George were living in Alabama.


Source reference NI0892 :
As of February 2000, Barbara lived in Holland, MI, either widowed or divorced.


Source reference NI0893 :
As of February 2000, George was deceased or divorced, and Barbara lived in Holland, MI.


Source reference NI0894 :
As of February 2000, Lloyd and Marie lived on Torch Lake, near Traverse City, MI.


Source reference NI0895 :
As of February 2000, Marie and Lloyd lived on Torch Lake near Traverse City, MI.


Source reference NI0896 :
As of February 2000, John and Charmaine were living in Traverse City, MI.


Source reference NI0897 :
As of February 2000, Charmaine and John were living in Traverse City, MI.


Source reference NI0898 :
As of February 2000, Louis lived in Grand Rapids, MI.


Source reference NI0900 :
Letter from Jeffry Tinkham, 18 Feb 2008 states that Berry is an attorney.


Source reference NI0901 :
Max was born in Russia and adopted by Berry and Heather in 2001.


Source reference NI0902 :
As of March 2002, Lyndall lived in Chagrin Falls, Ohio.


Source reference NI0903 :
He died before March 18, 2002, according to Sally's obituary.


Source reference NI0935 :
Mary Emma was the first child of Chas and Emma Wolff. She died of the croup when she was almost 2 years old. Her death certificate says that she was born in Green Ridge, Statan Island, Richmond County, NY. Her father was Chas Wolff born in Germany and her mother was Emma A. Wolff. The place of death was Green Ridge, Statan Island. Mary Emma died of Membrainous(?sp) Croup. The attending physician was E. A. Hervey. She was buried at Woodrow Cemetery. This information comes from entry #585 on January 8, 1888 in the Register of Deaths in the Town of Westfield, Richmond County, State of New York.


Source reference NI0936 :
There is a ? in front of her name because it is difficult to read on the 1870 Census, but it is an entry for a female, age 9. Caroline doesn't show up on the 1880 Census with her family. She could have married or died between 1870 and 1880.
I have a record of a Carolum Hoff's christening, but the date is several years off and the mother's name is Maria(husband Joseph).


Source reference NI0937 :
A letter from Florence's husband James to Leola Eardley states that "Florence was and is quality folks her great grandmother was a sister to J. Q. Adams, a president of the United States; and so we were married; we had eight children; and they all are living(in 1972)." There are quotes from the Bible and comments about being a Yankee(from Michigan) in the South in the letter which can be found in the scrapbook for James and for Florence as well as William Horton and Jeanette Schepers-Horton.


Source reference NI0938 :
This information about Kate is based upon Jannette Scheper's birthday book, the fact that she lived in the same town as her Elmer J. Schepers, the fact that she was married when she died (Elmer died in 1988). Kate's residence is listed as Norwalk, Huron, OH on her death certificate. Her place of birth is not listed and her birth date is estimated.


Source reference NI0944 :
Derk was a farmer, according to his marriage record at the Dutch civil registers at The same information appears on his death record as well as the facts that he was born in Stedum and that his father Willem Jans was a farmer too.


Source reference NI0946 :
Baptismal certificate states her name as Friederike Juliane. Her daughter Marie Dorothea's marriage certificate states her mother's name as Juliane Friederike. Marie supplied this information when her mother was still alive, but it seems as if the baptismal certificate would be more likely to be correct.


Source reference NI0948 :
According to the Lassronne/Winsen churchbooks, Wilhelm was Juliane's father and townchef(another translation was city cook). He was from Luneburg.

According to the Luneberg Lutheran Church, Hanover, Germany, church records, Wilhelm and his wife Catharine Maria Siegmund were married AFTER having seven children together. I have copies of the seven baptismal certificates where the parents are Wilhelm and Catherine. I would write to the church secretary to confirm the marriage date, but it seems unnecessary since I have a copy of the marriage entry as well as the baptismal certificates. Maybe I will anyway.


Source reference NI0949 :
Annie was living with her mother & father in the 1880 Fed'. Census for Geveva, Ontario Co., NY. Her occupation was listed as "none." and her age was 20. It said that she was born in NY as well as her mother and father.


Source reference NI0950 :
Frank was living with his father-in-law and mother-in-law in the 1880 Fed'l Census for Geneva, Ontario Co., NY. He was 26 years old, occupation "tin smith," was born in NY as well as both of his parents.


Source reference NI0956 :
From his son Albert's death record comes Klaas' profession of "landgebruiker." This term couldn't be found on two lists of old Dutch occupations and couldn't be translated by Babelfish.
Although Albert's father's name is listed as Klaas Popkes, there must be Roege on the end. However, the same logic doesn't apply to Albert's mother who is listed as Cornelske Alberts, where Alberts is probably her last name. Because they lived in the 1700s, there is nothing in Genlias about them.


Source reference NI0957 :
Matilda is listed as the husband of Archibald Horton in The Hortons in America, a corrected reprint by Adaline Horton White, p. 156.


Source reference NI0960 :
According to her daughter Jetske's birth record, her mother's name was spelled "Rixtje" instead of "Rintje."


Source reference NI0961 :
John Cooper Horton is listed as the husband of Celestia Horton in The Hortons in America, a corrected reprint by Adaline Horton White, p 156.


Source reference NI0964 :
Anje's son Harm's marriage certificate says that her profession is "landbouwersche." There wasn't a translation for this term, but "landbouwer" was farmer. It didn't translate as "farmer's wife" or "female farmer" so the term isn't defined yet.


Source reference NI0965 :
Louw's death was figured by the age at the time of death on his civil death register. At the time he was a widower.


Source reference NI0966 :
The name Saapke Johannes is listed as the mother of the groom for the marriage of Johannes Louws Osinga and Nieske Doekeles Tolsma. Saapke's last name is confirmed as Johannes, a man's given name, in a marriage record of another daughter of Louw and Saapke. It is probably due to the Dutch practice of patryonic naming.
Saapke's estimated death date is based upon her husband Louw's civil death register which said that he was a widower when he died 19 Mar 1825.


Source reference NI0967 :
In the notes on the death record found at Genlias, "mother's name not known" was written. This is odd since Johanna was only 30 years old when she died. According to the research done by Sue Adrianse at The Hague, Johanna's mother was Trijntje Heineman, as recorded here.


Source reference NI0971 :
On Lamina's death record at Gelias her name is spelled Lamina Mantingh. On her son's Hendrikus' marriage record it is spelled Lammyna Manting. On her marriage record it was Lammyna Mantingh. On three of her children's birth records it was Lamina Mantingh.
Lamina's birth year was estimated by subtracting her age at death from her year of death.
There were no parents listed on Lamina's death certificate.
Lamina was married at the time of her death.


Source reference NI0975 :
According to Jetske's death record, she was 85 years old and widowed, at the time of her death.


Source reference NI0977 :
Although the name comes from the death record of his son Egbertus, it is probably incorrect. From the research done by Sue Adrianse at The Hague, The Netherlands, Sue determined that Egbertus' father's name was Jan Willem Coenraad Tenckinck, b 22 Nov 1707, m 22 Apr 1742 and d 30 Sep 1768. Since death records often contain incorrect data, especially parents' names and especially when the descedant is elderly (informants may not be closely related), Sue's research is probably correct.


Source reference NI0979 :
Fedde's place of birth, Achlum is a village or hamlet within Franekeradeel. At the time of his death, Fedde was a widower, age 90.


Source reference NI0983 :
Albert was a farmer, according to his daughter Jantje's Dutch civil register found at This profession was corroborated by Albert's death register which also provided his date of birth.


Source reference NI0984 :
On her daughter's marriage register, Frouwke's profession is given as "landbouwersche." A translation wasn't available.


Source reference NI0986 :
From research done by Sue Adrianse at The Hague, The Netherlands, Sue determined that Egbertus' mother's maiden name was spelled with a "C" for Cramer instead of a "K." This would be commonplace due to spelling based on phonetics, at that time.


Source reference NI0992 :
Although "Anna" doesn't seem to be a male first name, it does appear on the birth certificate of Pier's sister Antje, born 19 years before Pier, according to the birth registers at


Source reference NI0994 :
Searching for "Begins with 'Tet Ten' and 'Tet Tin' only produced her birth record. This was done in August 2008, when I found most of the other Tenckincks except Egbertus, born in 1815 (his marriage and death). Perhaps they both emigrated from The Netherlands.


Source reference NI0995 :
On there were no records for Tettje except for her birth, as of August 2008.


Source reference NI0998 :
According to her Archive death register, Paulina was a widow at the time of her death. This fits with Wybrandus' death nine years before. Her age at the time of her death was 71, which also corroborates her estimated birthdate on her marriage record.


Source reference NI0999 :
On her daughter Gesina's marriage record from Genlias, Trijntje's last name has an "s" on the end.
A exhaustive search of Genlias with "Begins with" and "Tri" "Hei" produced no results. She had to have died between 1893 (birth of her last child) and 09 Aug 1830 (death of her husband Egbertus where he is described as a widower). Looking at Sue Adrianse's research on the Tenckincks is the death date of 97 Jul 1808. This has not been confirmed, but if it is true, then it is unlikely that her death date would be in Genlias at this time.


Source reference NI1005 :
The Dutch marriage register states that Wijbrandus was a doctor when he married Nieske, who was 14 years his junior. The register also said that he was the widower of Titia Adrikind, but while searching marriage records, I found that her name was Titia Adriani(e).


Source reference NI1009 :
At the time of his death, Wytze was married and 62 years old.


Source reference NI1011 :
Perhaps Egbertus emigrated from The Netherlands like his brother Hendrikus emigrated to America. I can't find any records of his marriage or death in Genlias. It should be there with the other members of the family that were found.


Source reference NI1012 :
As of August 2008, there was no death record for Trijntje Tenckinck in Partials for both first and last names were used, as well as "Begins With." Like Egbertus and Tettje who couldn't be found in Genlias, may they and Trijntje all emigrated from The Netherlands, since their brother Hendrikus did.


Source reference NI1016 :
Wybrig's death register at states that he was married and age 59, when he died.


Source reference NI1018 :
On Metje's marriage record, her middle name of Johannes appears for the first time (not on her birth record).
According to Metje's death record, she was a widow, age 57, when she died.


Source reference NI1019 :
There were two death records in Genlias for Arjen Osinga, but this is the only one that fit. He was six months when he died.


Source reference NI1020 :
At the time of her death, Sytske was married and 31 years old.


Source reference NI1021 :
According to Diekele's death record, his middle name was Johannes. This seems to be true of all of his brothers and sisters, where their middle name is Johanna or Johannes on either their birth, marriage or death records, but not usually on all of them. At the time of his death, he was married and 59 years old.


Source reference NI1022 :
Although his middle name of Johannes doesn't appear on his birth record, it does on his marriage record, so it has been added.
According to his death record, Louw was 87 years old and a widower.


Source reference NI1023 :
According to Ymkje's death record, she was married and 35 years old, when she died. On her death record her middle name was given as Johannes, which didn't apprear on her birth or marriage record so it wasn't recorded as such in FTM.


Source reference NI1024 :
According to her death record, Tjamkje was married when she died at age 68.


Source reference NI1028 :
From Johannes' civil death register csme his approximate birth year based upon his age of 52 when he died. The register also states that he was a widower.
From Johannes' civil marriage register came his birthplace as Beetgum, The Netherlands.


Source reference NI1029 :
Aartje's name appears as Martje on her son's death record from the Groningen Archives at This is usually not as accurate as source as her son Derk's marriage record which occurred at an earlier date.


Source reference NI1030 :
According to her death record, Gesina was married and age 34, at the time of her death. The notes say that her parents' names were not given.


Source reference NI1031 :
Wybrandus' father and mother's names were not on his death record or on his marriage record in the Frysân Archives. His death record states that he was 66 years old when he died 16 Nov 1845 and that he was married at the time of his death.


Source reference NI1034 :
Nieske's name on the civil death register was spelled Niekse. On all other doucuments (15) her name was spelled Nieske. Her age was 50 years of age at her death, hence, ABT 1894. She was married at the time of her death. Her birthplace was not given, but was found on her civil marriage register to Johannes.


Source reference NI1035 :
The Dutch death register states that she was married and 40 years old at the time of her death.


Source reference NI1037 :
Simon survived Jantje, according to Jantje's Dutch civil death register at He was a farmer, according to his marriage record.


Source reference NI1045 :
Catharina's confirmation date came from the Church register for Evangelische Kirch Kadenberge, p. 191.


Source reference NI1056 :
Cadenberge with a "C" is the modern spelling. It used to be spelled Kadenberge with a "K."
Johann and Maria were married in the Cadenberge Evangelische Kirche. "Evangelische" means Lutheran.


Source reference NI1057 :
May 1, 2004--I received a pedigree researched for me by Robert Richter and Heiko Volker. Heiko's letter about Johann(Sr.), father of Johann(Jr.), born 1776 in Ringstedt, says "it does not look good for finding information about Johann Jr.'s father and mother because Johann's father(Johann Sr.) was born out of wedlock." Because Johann Sr.'s father was not married to Johann Sr.'s mother when Johann Sr. was born, the birth was not registered in the church in Ringstedt. Heiko goes on to say "I know from other cases that illigitimate children, in this case Johann Sr. were usually brought up with relatives in neighboring places." Therefore, Johann Sr.'s mother probably went to live in a neighboring town and have her child. I may ask Heiko to continue his Harms research in the towns neighboring Ringstedt. He agreed to do this for 42 Euros for the basics and then not charge anything, if his time spent searching was not fruitful.


Source reference NI1073 :
According to the Luneberg Lutheran Church, Hanover, Germany, church records, Wilhelm and his wife Catharine Maria Siegmund were married AFTER having seven children together. I have copies of the seven baptismal certificates where the parents are Wilhelm and Catherine. I would write to the church secretary to confirm the marriage date, but it seems unnecessary since I have a copy of the marriage entry as well as the baptismal certificates. Maybe I will anyway.


Source reference NI1093 :
This child was born dead. A sex was not given in the church records of Hemmendorf.


Source reference NI1098 :
He was a dragoon, a heavily armed mounted soldier, according to the Hemmerdorf church records.


Source reference NI1102 :
Hemmendorf church records say that he lived for only one hour.


Source reference NI1120 :
On George W.'s birth certificate, Amanda states that she had two children by William and that both are alive. On the 1910 census, she states that she had two children by William and that only one is living On the 1900 census she states that "she is the mother of 5 children and that 4 are living. This unknown child must have been born before George(born Oct 1888), after John L.(aft. Dec 1885 or it may be another date when I find John's B.C.), i.e. between 1886-1888.


Source reference NI1125 :
According to son Marc, his father Wilson was a fighter pilot in WWI. He was downed in France. To protect him from the Germans and save his life, the French Resistance buried him alive, putting a hose in his mouth so he could breath, until the country was liberated by Patton's troops.


Source reference NI1154 :
Assuming Kevin is his brother since he was his best man at his wedding to Ellen.


Source reference NI1155 :
Kathy was listed as" sister of the groom" on her brother Thomas' wedding program.


Source reference NI1159 :
Never married or drove a car. Was the last Eardly to spell his name without the "e" at the end.


Source reference NI1160 :
Lived in Grand Rapids in 1962 according to his father's obituary.


Source reference NI1170 :
In Grace's obituary in Grand Rapids Press, 12 May 1972, p 7-D, "Balulis" is in parenthesis following her name "Grace Bailey". Balulis could be her maiden name, but because it is so much like Bailey, it is probably the native spelling of her married name. Her husband could have changed his name from Balulis to Bailey. Still, it could be Grace's maiden name. The guesstimate of date of birth is based upon her age of death in the obituary as 78. Her birthplace was not given.


Source reference NI1171 :
Lena was probably married to a man with the last name of Zegunis before she married Michael Lasausky. In her father, Joseph's obituary, 29 Sep 1935, she is listed as Mrs. Lena Zegunis.
From Lena's obituary, 05 Mar 1997, Grand Rapids Press, she is 98 years old when she died. That's how her birthdate was estimated.


Source reference NI1172 :
In her father Joseph's obituary, Ann was listed as an unmarried daughter, living in Los Angeles.


Source reference NI1173 :
Alice had a step-daughter, Barbara Booth of Grand Haven. Alice could have married Mr. Presley, who had a daughter or a previous marriage where that husband had a daughter already.


Source reference NI1174 :
Lived in Rockford as of 12 May 1972, according to his mother's obituary & was still there in 1979, according to his obituary.
According to his obituary, John was a member of S.S. Georgia's and Peter and Paul Aid Society. Research is needed on the S.S. Georgia's in case it is directly related to Lithuania and may offer a clue to the area of Lithuania from which John's father Joseph came. Both John and Joseph were members of St. Peter and Paul Church on th NW side of Grand Rapids. Their records may shed some light.


Source reference NI1175 :
Mike is identified in his brother Anthony's obituary, 17 Nov 1969 as a surviving brother so he must have died after Anthony.


Source reference NI1178 :
Carrie's place of residence in Middleville came from her father Menno's obituary in Grand Rapids Press, 18 Oct 1943, found at She died at Pennock Hospital, Hastings, MI.


Source reference NI1182 :
John was living in Niles at the time of his mother's death, 11 May 1972, according to her obituary.


Source reference NI1185 :
See notes for wife Grace about the name "Bailey."


Source reference NI1186 :
Lived in Grand Rapids at the time of her mother's death, 12 May 1972.


Source reference NI1188 :
Lived in Grand Rapids, MI at the time of her mother's death, 11 May 1972.


Source reference NI1190 :
Lived in Grand Rapids, MI, at the time of her mother's death, 11 May 1972.


Source reference NI1192 :
Look at to find the obituary database with many Presleys, one of whom should be Alice's husband. Alice should be named as surviving him.


Source reference NI1194 :
Couldn't find Lena's husband's first name in searching "Western Michigan Obituaries 1910-November 2004," available at the Grand Rapids Public Library, Grand Rapids, Kent Co., MI.


Source reference NI1196 :
In her brother Joseph's obituary is the mention of a surviving sister and brother in Lithuania.


Source reference NI1197 :
In his brother Joseph's obituary is mentioned this surviving brother and another sister of Joseph's in Lithuania.


Source reference NI1198 :
Helen's name came from her husband John's obituary. Helen's middle initial came from her obituary in Grand Rapids Press, 23 Mar 1997.


Source reference NI1199 :
In Richard's father's obituary, "Mr. and Mrs. Richard Zubrickas" are listed as "surviving children." The wife's name isn't given, but did appear on their golden anniversary announcement, 04 Nov 2000, in Grand Rapids Press. As of 2005, Richard is still listed in the Grand Rapids phone directory at 3724 Grape NE, 363-8648.


Source reference NI1201 :
She is listed with her husband Richard on her father-in-law's obituary, 5 May 1979, but her first name isn't recorded. Her first name was found in her mother, Helen's obituary, 23 Mar 1997, in Grand Rapids Press. Her maiden name was found in the golden anniversary annnouncement, 04 Nov 2000, in Grand Rapids Press.


Source reference NI1202 :
Phillip is listed on his father-in-law's obituary as a survivor, along with his wife, but he name isn't given.


Source reference NI1206 :
As of 2005 Grand Rapids phone directory, Michael is listed at 5791 Egypt Valley NE, Rockford, 874-6294.


Source reference NI1211 :
The funeral home for James' visitation was Roth-Gerst Chapel, 305 N. Hudson, Lowell, Kent Co., MI. "Following his wishes, there will be no service. Memorial contributions may be made to the charity of one's choice." At the time of his death he had 8 grandchildren and one great grandson.


Source reference NI1212 :
Did not find Anna Edwards obituary in the index of "Western Michigan Obituaries 1910-November 2004" at


Source reference NI1214 :
In the obituary of Michael J. Lasausky, 11 Feb 1975, Grand Rapids Press, Betty is listed as Michael's step-daughter. In the obituary of Lena Zabrickus-Zegunis-Lasausky, 05 Mar 1997, Grand Rapids Press, Betty is listed as Lena's daughter. Since Betty's mother was married to a Zegunis before Lasausky, I have entered Betty as the daughter of Lena Zabrickas-Zegunis-Lasausky.
In the 50th Wedding Anniversary announcement in the Grand Rapids Press, 14 Oct 2000 were found the names of the children of Al & Betty, the fact that they had four grandchildren at that time, that they were members of St. Mary's Church. The marriage date was also deduced, but may be a day or two off.


Source reference NI1215 :
In the obituary of Michael J. Lasausky, 11 Feb 1975, Grand Rapids Press, Alvin is listed as the husband of Michael's step-daughter, Betty Zegunis.


Source reference NI1216 :
Mary was listed as Lena's daughter on Lena's obituary, 11 Feb 1975, Grand Rapids Press, and as Michael J.'s step-daughter on Michael's obituary, 11 Feb 1975, Grand Rapids Press.


Source reference NI1217 :
Edward was found as the husband of Mary Zegunis-O'Rourke on the obituary of Michael J. Lasausky, 11 Feb 1975, Grand Rapids Press.


Source reference NI1221 :
Not sure if Rose did marry Dan Evans. At the time of her father James' death, 24 Mar 2001, she was engaged to Dan, according to James' obituary. Since her surname listed in the obituary wasn't Lasausky, the marriage to Dan must be at least her second marriage.


Source reference NI1225 :
Not quite sure of this entry for Warren. He is listed as a child of James J. Lasausky. However, he is listed as Warren Judson(not the same last name). Since Judson could be his middle name, I have listed him as James' son, but he could have the last name of Judson and then I don't know what the relationship would be. He is living in Canada at the time of James' death.


Source reference NI1226 :
Found her name listed as a surviving child of James J. Lasausky's obituary, 24 Mar 2001. Although her name was listed as Jill Bloomquist, I assumed that Bloomquist is a married name and that she is divorced or widowed.


Source reference NI1229 :
Mary's obituary says that she was 53 when she died so she was probably born in 1891-92. Since Stanley, James and Anna were all listed as her children, she must have been Michael's wife before Lena.


Source reference NI1236 :
Jim and Jack were twins of Cecil and Bernard. Bernard married Cecil twice and divorced her twice. Bernard claimed that Jim and Jack weren't his children so when Cecil died, he disowned them and sent them to St. John's Orphanage. Nellie Eardley took them out of the orphanage and raised the twins from the point that they were teenagers.


Source reference NI1238 :
He was the oldest child. When grown he lived on a farm near Patterson in Cascade Twp.. After he died, his wife Anna was accused of neglecting the three daughters so William Francis Eardley went to the farm and kidnapped the three girls. Eva and Bernadette were then raised by Nellie Patterson-Eardley and Eileen was raised by Mary Eardley-Workman.


Source reference NI1246 :
Jack drowned in 1939 in Saginaw Bay at the same time that Jack Jr. was being born.


Source reference NI1248 :
There were no children.


Source reference NI1251 :
He was a great trumpet player who performed at The Boat and Canoe Club, Grand Rapids, Kent Co., MI.


Source reference NI1277 :
Her name is entered here because she was mentioned as a great grandchild of Florence Ewing-Leffingwell, in Florence's obituary, Grand Rapids Herald, 29 Aug 1928.


Source reference NI1279 :
Gerald J. Cargill is listed as Georgiana's son in her obituary. Three grandchildren are also mentioned. One must be Dorothy Boone, Georgiana's daughter Florence's child, but the other two are unknown as to whether they are Irma's or Gerald's, or both. Two greatgrandchildren are also mentioned, but not named, but all are identified as living in Grand Rapids, Kent Co., MI.


Source reference NI1280 :
See notes for Gerald Cargill.


Source reference NI1287 :
She was mentioned in the obituary of J. Pomeroy Munson, but her first name wasn't given, just her married name and the fact that she resided in Syracuse, NY


Source reference NI1288 :
His wife was mentioned in the obituary of J. Pomeroy Munson, as J.'s sister in Syracuse, NY.


Source reference NI1294 :
Florence's obituary states that she is survived by eight grandchildren. She died at St. Mary's Hospital, Grand Rapids, Kent Co., MI.


Source reference NI1295 :
One of her parent's obituaries says her married name is Olsen and the other says Olson.


Source reference NI1299 :
Died after 10 aug 1981 because sister Florence's obituary listed Marion as surviving.


Source reference NI1300 :
Died after 10 Aug 1981 because sister Florence's obituary listed Jean as surviving.


Source reference NI1302 :
Died after 10 Aug 1981 because sister Florence's obituary listed Leonard as surviving.


Source reference NI1316 :
Not positive that his name was Phillip. His son Martin's obituary was very faded. It appeared to say that Martin was survived by his "father Phillip Lehnen." This would also mean that his unnamed mother was deceased since she wasn't mentioned as a survivor.


Source reference NI1318 :
Nellie's name was given as his sister in Martin Lehnen's obituary. However, the print was almost illegible so it may not have been Nellie Kettle.


Source reference NI1330 :
Figure that Barbara died after her father's death 8 May 1990 because she is mentioned as his surviving daughter.


Source reference NI1331 :
The figuring of his death date after 8 May 1990 is due to the fact that he is mentioned as surviving his father-in-law, William, in William's obituary.


Source reference NI1332 :
From her grandfather William Lehnen's obituary comes the fact that she is sister Michelle's twin. It is not certain that she is the daughter of Kevin & Barbara, but likely because her and Michelle's name directly followed Kevin and Barbara in the obituary.


Source reference NI1333 :
See notes on Danielle, her sister.


Source reference NI1355 :
No children with Sharon.


Source reference NI1357 :
No children with either husband.


Source reference NI1364 :
Divorced Jerry.


Source reference NI1367 :
Not married as of 3 Sep 2005.


Source reference NI1400 :
From an article in the Grand Rapids Press, 25 Apr 1949, "Work Hard, Don't Worry, So Advises Sarah Davies, 100 Next Thursday."
"A slight, elderly woman who is so popularly known as 'Grandma' that even her own daughter calls her that, will reach the venerable milestone of a one-hundredth birthday anniversary Thursday.
She is Mrs. Sarah Davies, 578 Paris-av., SE. A native of Britain and a printer by trade, she spent her spare time in England back in Civil War days sewing for the Union Army of the United States. She has lived in Grand Rapids since 1872.
Gives Longevity Recipe.
An open house will be held from 2 to 5 p.m. and from 7 to 9 p.m. Thursday for Mrs Davies' many friends and well-wishers, according to her daughter, Mrs. Alice Nevers, with whom she lives.
'People my age are asked how they lived to be 100,' Mrs. Davies laughs. 'Well, here's my answer--I always have tried to think right and work hard and not to worry, drink or smoke!'
In 1934 she completely regained the sight she had lost in one eye and is able to read newspapers, magazines and books and to keep up with current topics. She crochets for a hobby and in recent years has made more than 10 afghans. Mrs Davies also was a practical nurse here many years.
Relief Both Ways.
Her seamstress ability aided in her unusual accomplishment of having sent refief clothing in both directions across the Atlantic. Not only did she sew for the Union Army in the Civil War, but in World War II she consistently produced clothing for the Bundles for Britain organization, spurred by the hope some of he articles might be of service to families of her former neighbors.
'She's happy!' says her daughter. 'She eats everything, is in good health and has looked the same the last 30 years. She loves small children and all the youngsters in the neighborhood come in to visit her frequently. They all call her 'Grandma.' She also goes for occasional rides in our car and went to Wayland Sunday.'
Came Here in 1872
Born at Sutton Vallance, a suburb of Maidstone, Kent, England, she came to this country in 1871. Her family remained at Lockport, N. Y., but she moved here after her marriage in 1872 to Richard Davies, who had been head of the house of the bishop of London. Mr Davies died 47 years ago.
A member of East Congregational Church, Mrs. Davies has one daughter, Mrs. Nevers; two sons, James B. of Santa Barbara, Calif., former secretary to the American ambassador to Japan, and Charles S. of Grand Rapids, as well as two grandsons, two granddaughters and a great-grandson.


Source reference NI1402 :
Two photos were found from 29 Jun 1924 with the inscription "Grandma Smith" written by Roxe Tenckinck-Davies. One if of Roxe with "Grandma Smith" and the other is "Grandma Smith" alone. It looks as if they are two generations apart, hence the "Grandma." In other photos, Roxe refers to Edna Smith-Davies as "Mother Davies" so it seems logical that Edna's mother would be referred to as "Grandma Smith," by Roxe. There were other pictures identified as "Grandma Davies" so they weren't the same "Grandmas," but they are all on Stanley Davies' side of the family.


Source reference NI1408 :
Not sure that Ruth is the sister of Margaret "Peggy" Nevers. I found Ruth in a photo of her and Peggy, flanking Sarah Davies. Roxe Tenckinck-Davies talked a lot about Ruth Nevers, but no one seems to remember what the relationship was.


Source reference NI1434 :
1920 Fed'l Census says that Offo was born in Michigan, but his father and mother were born in Germany and German was spoken in the home. Otto's occupation was "shoe worker" in "shoe factory." He was 42 years old.
1910 Fed'l Census says that it is Otto's first marriage and that he had been married six years. He was born in Michigan, bu his parents were both born in Germany and German was spoke in the homes. Otto's occupation was a U.S. mail carrier.. He was not out of work on April 15, 1910 nor any time during the year. He could read and write English and owned his home.


Source reference NI1435 :
1920 Census says that Caroline was called Cora and that her father was born in Germany and her mother was born in Holland, but the language spoken in the home was German. She was 40 years
1910 Fed'l Census says that her marriage to Offo was her first marriage and that it took place six years ago, about 1904. She had one child and one living child. Caroline was born in Michigan, but her parents were each born in Holland and Dutch was spoken in the home. Caroline did not work outside the home.


Source reference NI1440 :
Gladis' birth month wasn't on the transcription of the 1911 Canadian Census.


Source reference NI1441 :
According to the 1900 Fed'l Census, Caroline had 9 children, 7 of whom were still living at the time of the census. She was born in Germany as were her parents. Caroline emigrated to the U.S. in 1852, at the age of 19. At the time of the census, she had lived in the U.S. for 48 years. Caroline is not identified as having attained citizenship, but that is because she automatically became a citizen when her husband became one. It depends on when Charles received his citizenship, but in most instances, the wife automatically received hers. Caroline was not employed outside the home.
In the 1870 Fed'l Census Caroline was keeping house. She says that she was from Baden (Germany) for the second time(1860 as well) and that her parents were foreign-born. The column isn't checked that she was an American citizen. It could have been a period in American history in which wies were not automatically citizens because their husband was or it could simply be a mistake on the part of the census enumerator. In this 1870 Census there is a child named Clara, born April 1870. Clara does not appear on the 1880 Census so she may be the second of the two children of Caroline and Charles who died. All of the other 1880 Census children ten years or older are accounted for in the 1870 Census.
In the 1860 Census Caroline is a 26-year-old female. Her birthplace is written as Baden (Germany). There is a child named Louis, age 1, who doesn't appearin the 1870 Census. He is probably the first of the two children of Caroline's who died.
Can't find a viable Caroline Eberhardt in the 1930 Census so she may have died sometime after June 4, 1920 Census. It seems logical due to her age of 67 in the 1920 Census.


Source reference NI1442 :
1900 Census says that Charles had been married 45 years at the time of the census. He was born in Germany as were both of his parents. He immigrated to the U.S. in 1852 (at the age of 21), has lived in the U.S. for 48 years and has been naturalized. He is retired and rents his home. Since they both arrived in 1852, perhaps they met on the boat or they knew each other in Germany and both families emigrated to the U.S. together. It's doubtful that as singles they would have emigrated at ages 19 and 21 alone, but they were brave enough to move across the ocean and start a new life in a foreign land. so maybe they did. Finding the emigration records will show if they came on the same boat and if their parents were with them.
Since Charles named his first-born child Augusta, it could be that his father or grandfather was named August. It could also be that Charles' mother or grandmother was named Augusta although usually the first-born is named after a male ancestor.
In the 1870 Census Charles was a laborer and the value of his personal estate was $200. He was born in Wurtemberg. His father and mother were foreign-born. Charles was already an American citizen, according to the checkmark on the Census. That means that he probably received his citizenship between 1857 and 1870. Alhough Charles arrived in 1852, he probably couldn't become a citizen, by law, for at least five years after arrival. However, he could have filed a letter of intent to become a citizen and petitioned the government a couple of years before he attained it.
1860 is the only census that refers to Charles as Carl. He is age 29, a clerk, married, the value of his personal estate is $500. For the second time his place of birthi is Wurtemberg.
Can't find a viable Charles Eberhardt in the 1910 Census every-name index so he probably died after the 1900 Census done 4 Jun 1900.


Source reference NI1443 :
In the 1900 Fed'l Census, Charles Jr. was 39 years old, single and living at home. He was born in Michigan, employed as a bookeeper who was employed continuously for the previous 12 months.
In the 1880 Fed'l Census, Charles Jr. was 19 years old and a grocery clerk.


Source reference NI1444 :
in the 1900 Census, Walter was 21, single and living at home. He was born in Michigan, a laborer at a motel, and unemployed for half of the previous year.


Source reference NI1445 :
In the 1880 Census Frederick was seven years old and entered in school.


Source reference NI1447 :
In the 1880 Census Julia was at home, but not in school. She was 16 years old.


Source reference NI1449 :
Clara appears in the 1870 Census, but not in 1880. Caroline had nine children, seven living, according to the 1900 Census. Clara may be one of the two who died.


Source reference NI1450 :
Louis appears in the 1860 Census, but not the 1870 Census. His mother Caroline states in the 1900 Census that she had nine children, seven of whom are still living in 1900. Louis is probably one of the two children who died.


Source reference NI1455 :
Kim is engaged to Larry as of March 2006. She is a chemist who developes formulas for body lotions.


Source reference NI1521 :
From her wedding announcement comes the following information: "The bride was graduated from Shades Valley High School, Birmingham, and is now attending Florida State University in Tallahassee where she is a member of Phi Mu sorority."


Source reference NI1530 :
From his daughter Barbara Jean's wedding announcement came "daughter of the late George Welch of Birmingham and granddaughter of William T. Mayfield of this city."


Source reference NI1540 :
(See Margaret's scrapbook) Obituary of Margaret B. Brown, Grand Rapids Press, 16 or 17 Nov 1999: "Margaret B. Kirchgessner, born in Grand Rapids on June 17, 1897, died November 15, 1999 at the age of 102. The widow of William E. Kirchgessner, she also was prefedeased by . . . . Surviving are . . . . Also surviving are . . . . Mrs. Kirchgessner graduated from Sacred Heart Academy , predecessor of Marywood and Western State Normal College now Western Michigan University. Preceding her marriage she taught in the Grand Rapids Public School System and did substitute teaching during World War II. She was a charter member of the Women's City Club, formerly active in the St. Mary's Hospital Guild and contributed further services at the hospital. Mrs. Kirchgessner was the last surviving charter member of St Stephen's Church where funeral services will be held on Friday, November 18, 1999, 11:00 AM. . . ."


Source reference NI1542 :
Mary Jane wasn't married on 19 Apr 1958, at her brother's Robert's wedding.


Source reference NI1543 :
I found John Wynn as the father of Willie Wynn and Mary E. Horton, on Willie's death certificate. The only other information about him was that Michigan was listed as his residence at the time of Willie's death, 26 Jan 1892.


Source reference NI1544 :
In the 1900 Fed'l Census for Manhattan, his first name is William, married to Mayme for a year. On Mayme's death certificate, the informant says that Mayme was a widow of Herbert Quimby. I wrote NYC for Mayme's marriage certificate between Mayme, Mary, or Mamie Horton or Remington and Herbert or William Quimby in 1899 or 1900, but there was no record. I should write again and ask for 1898.


Source reference NI1590 :
The discovery of Doekele's relatives in the Holland, Michigan area is a series of serendipitous events and a genealogy miracle. It was truly a case of "someone watching over" a chain of discoveries. The story begins around 1991 when Roberta "Bobbe" C. Harms-Horton made her first attempt to utilize the Internet to conduct genealogical research. Bobbe's first search of a national telephone directory was for the name Tenckinck. The search produced the names, addresses and phone numbers of 15 Tenckincks, 13 in the Holland area, one in upstate New York and one in the Nashville, Tennessee area. A letter was mailed to each of the 15 Tenckincks, but no one ever responded--such a disappointment! In 1999 Bobbe enrolled in a "research week" organized by the Orange County, New York Genealogical Society, in an effort to determine if her husband Roger's great-grandfather, George R. Horton was indeed from Orange County, according to family lore. George has alluded her for many years. A few weeks after enrolling, a pamphlet arrived about the accommodations for the week, at the Warwick Center. Lo and behold, the pamphlet was signed by the Rev. Kenneth Tenckinck. Fate had connected Bobbe and Rev. Tenckinck. She immediately phoned Rev. Tenckinck who said that he was originally from Holland, Michigan. He remembered receiving her letter, but said that he had very little genealogical information. Rev. Tenckinck referred Bobbe to his aunt Anna Vander Wal in Holland, Michigan.
Late in the year 2000, Bobbe spoke to Anna Tenckinck-Vander Wal on the phone, in an attempt to make a connection between the Tenckincks of Grand Rapids and those of Holland, Michigan. Anna said that she would see what she could find because she didn't know what the connection might be. Much to Bobbe's surprise, Anna and her relatives gathered vital statistics from near and far in order to compile an unbelievably large collection of names and dates and present them to Bobbe, when she and her husband Roger brought lunch to Anna's apartment about six months later, in 2001. Bobbe was finally able to determine the connection to her research. Doekele was one of three brothers who emigrated to the Grand Rapids-Holland area with their father Gerhardus Hendrikus Tenckinck. The other two brothers established residency in Grand Rapids, while Doekele settled in Holland. Doekele's brother Louw is Roger Horton's great grandfather on Roger's mother's side.
No sources were provided by Anna and her relatives for the data about Doekele and his descendents. Therefore, the names and dates serve only as a guidebook for locating the original documents and should not be "taken at face value" or assumed to be verified.
This is how Anna Tenckinck-Vander Wal remembered her grandpa Doekele "Derk or Dick" Tenckinck and grandma Gertrude Riemersma. This description was transcribed from the preface of the dark blue notebook about Doekele Tenckinck and his descendants, in the possession of Roberta C. Harms-Horton of Grand Rapids, Michigan. It is transcribed just as it was printed there--without any corrections:
"I would like to tell you about the little I remember as a child of Grandma and Grandpa Tenckinck. First I remember they lived in a small house on 57 West McKinley St in Zeeland, Michigan. We checked it out, the small house is still there. I remember Grandma was not feeling well lot's of the time (and often when we would come she would be in bed) but she would get up and we always had to have a cookie and some hot tea. I tell you the tea was so strong ("strong" was underlined by Anna) and that was really truth that was one reasons we kids did not ("not" was another underlined word by Anna) want to go along to Gramps and Grams but the folks insisted we had to go. So in the back of the pick-up we kids all jumped and away we went to Zeeland to visit.
A little about grandpa I remember is he was a kind and gentle grandpa. He was blind and would know just how to light the little square stove they had in the kitchen, I guess to keep the house warm. Grandpa was a very good natured man. After grandma died he could not live alone so he stayed by his daughter Annie and Arend Brower for some time but Annie was sick a lot and so grandpa came to live at our house with his son Henry and Mary Tenckinck. He was always cheerful even when he could not see he never complained and Mary, my mom, would get his plate ready for him at mealtime. When grandpa was done eating he would put his teaspoon across his cup meaning he had plenty so mom Mary did not have to ask. He would feel along the wall to get to his room. I was going with Henry Vander Wal at that time and grandpa could always hear him come up the steps to the small porch. He was so happy he could chat with Henry for a while before we left to go away. After some years grandpa Tenckinck died at our house on 128th avenue.
I figure he was 81 years when he died.
Anna Tenckinck Vander Wal
Age 90 year 2002"
To complete the series of serendipitous events surrounding the Tenckincks outside of Holland, Michigan, it is important to note the last and final connection. Recalling that there were 13 Tenckincks in Holland, Michigan, 1 in upstate New York, and one in Nashville, Tennessee, Bobbe received a phone call one evening in about 2002 from a former real estate client, Jim Saur. He began the conversation by stating "we are related." Jim's wife is Gordon Tenckinck's daughter from Nashville. She too remembered her dad having received Bobbe's letter in the early 90s. Now all of the Tenckincks across the U.S. had been identified.


Source reference NI1591 :
See the notes for her husband Derk to learn more about Gertrude.


Source reference NI1722 :
In Annie Tenckinck's notes there was no month given, but the birthday was the 27.


Source reference NI1759 :
According to Pieter's death record, his name was Pieter van Borssum Waalkes. The birth name will be maintained in the record because it is more likely to be correct. The death record gives his age as 85 years old and the fact that he was married at the time of his death. The latter leads me to believe that there should be at least one more marriage record for Pieter, but a variety of spellings and order for his names exhausted the search possibilities, with no matches, as of August 2008.


Source reference NI1770 :
According to his death record, Egbert was a widower, age 54, at the time of his death.


Source reference NI1771 :
Exhausted all possibilites for Hinke's death record in Genlias in August 2008. Did find her listed as Henke, but that didn't help either. Tried "exact" and "begins with" too.


Source reference NI1777 :
On his death record, his name is spelled with a "K" instead of a "C." At the time of death Kornelis' age was 58 and he was married.


Source reference NI1778 :
Antje's place of birth and age at the time of the marriage, nor her parents' names are not on her marriage record. According to Antje's death record, she was 77 years old and married at the time of her death.


Source reference NI1779 :
According to Grietje's death record, she was an 80-year-old widow when she died.


Source reference NI1786 :
According to daughter Jantien's birth record at Genlias, Hendrik was a 44-year-old farmer in 1835. This is true of Hendrik's marriage record. No place of birth is given on Hendrik's marriage record.
Hendrik's son Albert was born in the middle of November. On Albert's birth record, it shows Hendrik's age as 33. This would make his birthdate 1790 instead of 1791 as records from earlier in the year show. However, son Klaus' birth record (04 Dec 1825) shows his father as being born in 1891. That's why his birthdate is being shown as "ABT 1790-1791.".


Source reference NI1787 :
Marrechien's first name is found on various vital statistics records as Margien and Marchien and Marregien, but Marrechien occurs the most frequently. What is particularly odd is that her marriage record gives her surname and her father's surname as Knegtering, but eachl of her six children's birth certificates give her surname as Oldenzikken. I will have to check with the Calvin Library to see if a Dutch naming practice can account for the difference in surnames.
Marrechien's birthplace and birthdate is not given on her marriage record, but her age at the time of the marraige is. This information is provided on her death record. In addition, it states that she is married to Hindrik Lanning and has no occupation.


Source reference NI1788 :
Albert's death record did not seem to be available on, as of 02 Sep 2008, but he did die after his wife Aaltje who death record gives her date of death as 24 Jun 1817 (Albert was listed as her spouse. She was not described as a widow).


Source reference NI1789 :
Although the spelling is quite different, there are similarities on her death record to her marriage and her children's birth records. Also, this Altin died in Sleen, her husband's name was Albert Lanning, and her birth year listed fits with her marriage and her children's birth records.

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