List of events ordered by dates

? - Oakdale Cemetery, Grand Rapids, Kent, MI, according to his obituary.

Event typeDateIndividual
Burial7 January 1946Terry McCrath



? - Oakhill Cemetery, Grand Rapids, Kent, MI

Event typeDateIndividual
Burial?Charles Frances McCrath



? - Oost- en West-Barendrecht

Event typeDateIndividual
Birthabout 1826Ingetje van der Jagt



? - Palm Beach, FL(Charles Davies' obituary)

Event typeDateIndividual
Residence?Douglas Charles Davies



? - Palm Beach, FL, according to his father, Charles Davies', obituary

Event typeDateIndividual
Residence?Albert Smith Davies



? - Parents settled in Paris Twp.MI at age six

Event typeDateIndividual
Emigration?Mary Jane Richards



? - Paris Twp. Board, Grand Rapids, Kent County, MI for many years according to his obituary.

Event typeDateIndividual
Event?Walter R. McCrath



? - Paris Twp. for 35 years with Emma

Event typeDateIndividual
Residence?Charles Frances McCrath



? - Paris Twp., Kent, MI

Event typeDateIndividual
Birth9 September 1867Minnie Wood McCrath
Birth5 November 1870Fanna Louella McCrath
Birthafter 8 August 1873Walter R. McCrath
Death1 March 1880Minnie Wood McCrath
Death22 January 1906Charles Frances McCrath



? - Pasedena, Los Angeles Co., CA(father Menno's obituary)

Event typeDateIndividual
Residence16 October 1943Charles Henry Hunsburger



? - Passaic General Hospital

Event typeDateIndividual
Event12 April 1950Karen Ann Harms



? - Past Master and member of Grand River Lodge #34 F&AM.

Event typeDateIndividual
Eventbefore 1984James Stuart McCrath



? - Past Master o f Grand River Lodge #34 F&AM and a 32nd Degree Mason.

Event typeDateIndividual
Eventbefore 1981Hugo Rathbun McCrath



? - Pat Hall has a ? next to this birthdate

Event typeDateIndividual
Emigration12 May 1816Elizabeth Hall
Emigration9 March 1825Lucy Hall



? - Pat Hall says birth was October 31, 1852

Event typeDateIndividual
Emigration1 December 1852Margaret Burchill



? - Pat Hall says her birthdate may be 1883

Event typeDateIndividual
Emigration1882Bessie M. Hall



? - Pat Hall says his birthdate may be 1839

Event typeDateIndividual
Emigration12 April 1833William P. Hall



? - Pat Hall says it may be 1830

Event typeDateIndividual
Emigration7 November 1826Orlando Hall



? - Pat Hall says the birthdate may be 1834

Event typeDateIndividual
Emigration12 July 1832Lousia Hall



? - Patterson General Hospital

Event typeDateIndividual
Event26 January 1944Roger John Patrick Booth



? - Phoenix, Maricopa Co., AZ according to his brother Hugo's obituary.

Event typeDateIndividual
Residence5 October 1981Harold Wright McCrath



? - Phoenix, Maricopa Co., AZ according to his father's obituary.

Event typeDateIndividual
Residence9 August 1965Harold Wright McCrath



? - Physician

Event typeDateIndividual
Occupation?Jamie Lynn Harms
Occupation?Mark Louis Schever



? - Pianist

Event typeDateIndividual
Occupation?Gertrude Perkins



? - Pilgrim Home Cemetery

Event typeDateIndividual
Burial?Mary Katte
Burial?Jacob R. Schepers



? - Plumber

Event typeDateIndividual
Occupation?John Snippe



? - Plymouth Congregational Church, corner of Franklin & Dolbee, under the auspices of Masonic Lodge, according to his obituary.

Event typeDateIndividual
Event3 April 1926James McCrath



? - Pompano Beach, Boward, FL

Event typeDateIndividual
Death12 June 1977Henry John Harms



? - Pompano Beach, Broward, FL

Event typeDateIndividual
Death14 October 1982Elizabeth Sophia Harms
Death16 July 1989Erna Tandberg



? - Port Huron, MI according to his father's obituary

Event typeDateIndividual
Residence16 November 1963William Francis Eardley



? - Portage, Kalamazoo Co., MI according to her mother Florence's & her father J. Stuart's obituaries.

Event typeDateIndividual
Residencebetween 1981 and 1984Sandra McCrath



? - Portage, Kalamazoo Co., MI according to his mother-in-law Florence's obituary

Event typeDateIndividual
Residence10 August 1981Birger Olsen



? - Pres. & founder, Fusion Castings, Inc.

Event typeDateIndividual
Occupation?Kenneth Gilbert Harms



? - Printer in New York City & later N.J.

Event typeDateIndividual
Occupation?Heinrich Johann August Harms (56)



? - Printer(according to 1880 Census)

Event typeDateIndividual
Occupation1880Edward E. Hoff
Occupation1880Joseph A. Hoff



? - Printer, according to the Grand Rapids Press article about Sarah's 100th birthday

Event typeDateIndividual
Occupation?Sarah LNU



? - Printer

Event typeDateIndividual
Occupation?Lorenz Henry Harms (28)



? - Printing teacher

Event typeDateIndividual
Occupation?Henry John Harms



? - Probably Grand Rapids, MI because her sister Florence's obituary didn't say otherwise.

Event typeDateIndividual
Residence10 August 1981Marion Klaasen



? - Railroad engineer for C&O Railroad

Event typeDateIndividual
Occupation?Bernard W. Eardly



? - Rest Lawn Memorial Park according to his obituary, Rev. Phillip E. Reikow officiating.

Event typeDateIndividual
Burial8 December 1984James Stuart McCrath



? - Rest Lawn Memorial Park, according to her obituary.

Event typeDateIndividual
Burial11 August 1981Florence H. Klaasen



? - Rest Lawn Memorial Park, Grand Rapids, Kent, Michigan

Event typeDateIndividual
Burial8 April 1947Gertrude L. Horton



? - Rev. Edward Emenheiser officiated at William's funeral

Event typeDateIndividual
Religion8 May 1990William M. Lehnen



? - Rockford, Kent Co., MI according to her obituary & originally Hudsonville, Ottawa Co., Mi according to her obituary of 26 May 1976

Event typeDateIndividual
Residence25 May 1976Carrie Hall



? - Sang in the Hall Quartet

Event typeDateIndividual
Emigration?Herbert Hall



? - Saranac

Event typeDateIndividual
Residence24 March 2001Rose Lasausky



? - Sarasota, FL

Event typeDateIndividual
Residence?Karen Ann Harms



? - Sarasota, Manatee or Sarasota, FL

Event typeDateIndividual
Death8 August 2004Roger John Patrick Booth



? - Sarasota, Sarasota, FL

Event typeDateIndividual
Marriage1 September 1985David Remington Tinkham with Diana Shoemaker



? - Scotch/Methodist-Episcopal Church, 1866

Event typeDateIndividual
Event?Mary Ella Ewing



? - Scotland

Event typeDateIndividual
Birth1723David Kemp



? - Seattle, King Co., Washington according to his obituary.

Event typeDateIndividual
Event?George Fredrick McCrath
Residencebetween 1902 and 1940George Fredrick McCrath



? - Seattle, King, WA

Event typeDateIndividual
Birth2 October 1916Eleanor Louise McCrath
Death7 August 1942George Fredrick McCrath



? - Seattle, King, WA?

Event typeDateIndividual
Deathafter 7 August 1942Ethel Dickinson



? - Self-employed electrical contractor(Census

Event typeDateIndividual
Occupation?George Washington Smith



? - Seond Congregational Church on Plainfield Ave. according to his obituary.

Event typeDateIndividual
Religion27 December 1934J. Pomeroy Munson



? - Seoul, Korea

Event typeDateIndividual
Birth12 April 1987Rebecca Kyung Vander Zwaag



? - Serviceman

Event typeDateIndividual
Occupation?Bert Baker



? - Shipping clerk

Event typeDateIndividual
Occupation?Stanley Reeves Davies



? - Shriners, according to his obituary.

Event typeDateIndividual
Event?James Stuart McCrath



? - Son of Fred Carr from a previous marriage

Event typeDateIndividual
Emigration?Fred Carr



? - South Blenden Cemetery, Ottawa, MI according to her obituary.

Event typeDateIndividual
Burial8 April 1947Margaret Burchill



? - South Congregational Church, Grand Rapids, Kent Co., MI according to his obituary.

Event typeDateIndividual
Religion8 August 1965Walter R. McCrath



? - Spokane, WA

Event typeDateIndividual
Residence23 August 1922Hubbard P. Newton



? - Spokane, WA?

Event typeDateIndividual
Deathafter 22 August 1922Hubbard P. Newton



? - St. Andrews Cathedral, Grand Rapids, Kent, MI

Event typeDateIndividual
Marriage7 May 1921William Eugene Kirchgessner with Margaret B. Brown



? - St. Markus Lutheran Church or New York, baptismal certificate

Event typeDateIndividual
Baptism30 May 1869Catharine Anna Ulrich (57)



? - St. Stephen Catholic Church, Grand Rapids, Kent, MI

Event typeDateIndividual
Marriage30 December 1982Lawrence James Schuler with Mary Terese Kirchgessner
Marriage28 September 1996Robert Andrew Kirchgessner with Susan Marie Stechschulte
Marriage16 August 1997Robert Blaine Meilinger with Catherine Ann Kirchgessner



? - St. Stephen's, Grand Rapids, Kent, MI

Event typeDateIndividual
Marriage28 September 1985John Jay Rendos with Ellen Tinkham Kirchgessner



? - Stamford Hospital

Event typeDateIndividual
Event16 September 1921Robert Charles Harms



? - Stamp collector and fisherman

Event typeDateIndividual
Event?Friedrich Otto Kuerbitz



? - Stenographer

Event typeDateIndividual
Occupation?Crystal Marie Braam



? - Steward on an ocean liner

Event typeDateIndividual
Occupation?Adolph Gressard



? - Sullivan Funeral Home, Grand Rapids, Kent Co., MI according to his obituary.

Event typeDateIndividual
Event7 January 1960Earl S. McCrath



? - Talahassee, FL

Event typeDateIndividual
Residence15 November 1999William E. Kirchgessner



? - Teacher

Event typeDateIndividual
Occupation?Heiltje Maaike Schaap
Occupation?Jacob R. Schepers



? - Teamster, then mason

Event typeDateIndividual
Occupation?Lyman James McCrath



? - Teamster

Event typeDateIndividual
Occupation?John H. Gott



? - Th Arbors at New Castle, a nursing home, according to her D.C.

Event typeDateIndividual
Event28 June 1994Martha Helene Johanna Marquardt



? - The Little Church by the Sea, Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Event typeDateIndividual
Event31 December 1960Barbara Jean Welch



? - Tinsmith(1860 Fed. Census)/later manuf.

Event typeDateIndividual
Occupation?John Wood McCrath



? - Town or city cook

Event typeDateIndividual
Occupation?Wilhelm Schutz(e) (454)



? - Turnersville, Gloucester Co., NJ according to her mother-in-law Florence's obituary

Event typeDateIndividual
Residence9 August 1981Joann LNU



? - Turnersville, Gloucester Co., NJ according to his mother Florence's obituary

Event typeDateIndividual
Residence9 August 1981Robert J. McCrath



? - University of Michigan

Event typeDateIndividual
Graduation?Catherine Ann Kirchgessner
Graduation?Robert Blaine Meilinger



? - Unknown according to death certificate

Event typeDateIndividual
Occupation?Ellen Wood



? - Unknown(death certificate)

Event typeDateIndividual
Occupation?Elizabeth H. Dunks
Occupation?Ellen Dunks



? - Upholsterer later in life

Event typeDateIndividual
Occupation?Charles Samuel Davies



? - Utica, Oneida Co.. NY, according to father Earl's obituary.

Event typeDateIndividual
Residence7 January 1960James Stuart McCrath



? - Vanderpool Chapel of Godwin Heights, Grand Rapids, Kent Co., MI with Rev. Charles W. Scheid of South Congregational Church officiating, according to his obituary.

Event typeDateIndividual
Event11 August 1965Walter R. McCrath



? - VanSteien-Alman Funeral Home according to Bessie's obituary.

Event typeDateIndividual
Event28 July 1951Bessie L. Leffingwell



? - VanStrien-Aiman Funeral Home according to Georgiana's obituary

Event typeDateIndividual
Event11 September 1945Georgiana Leffingwell



? - VanStrien-Aiman Funeral Home according to L. Austin's obituary

Event typeDateIndividual
Event13 January 1975L. Austin Munson



? - Vaudvillian

Event typeDateIndividual
Occupation?Mary E. Horton



? - Village of Zeeland

Event typeDateIndividual
Residence?Heiltje Maaike Schaap



? - Waiter at Liedekrantz Club, New York City

Event typeDateIndividual
Occupation?Friedrich Otto Kuerbitz



? - Wayne, Wayne Co., MI according to his brother Hugo's obituary.

Event typeDateIndividual
Residence5 October 1981Donald Wood McCrath



? - Wayne, Wayne Co., MI according to his mother's obituary.

Event typeDateIndividual
Residence13 October 1957Donald Wood McCrath



? - Wealthy St. SE, Grand Rapids, Kent, MI

Event typeDateIndividual
Residence18 May 1951John Harper Moore



? - Weehawken, NJ Cemetery

Event typeDateIndividual
Burial?Otto Charles Morris Winke



? - Wellington, Palm Beach, FL

Event typeDateIndividual
Death27 July 2000Linda Ann Harms (7)



? - Wholesale lumber dealer

Event typeDateIndividual
Occupation?Edwin P. Newton



? - Wixom, Oakland Co., MI according to his step-father Hugo's obituary.

Event typeDateIndividual
Residence5 October 1981Donald E. Peterson



? - Woodlawn Cemetery, Grand Rapids, Kent, MI

Event typeDateIndividual
Burial23 April 2003Michael James Zawacki



? - Writer

Event typeDateIndividual
Occupation?Ernst Philipp Carl Gehle (452)



? - Wyoming, Kent Co., MI, according to his mother's obituary.

Event typeDateIndividual
Residence3 March 1968Floyd Lehnen



? - Zaagman Memorial Chapel, Grand Rapids, Kent Co., MI according to her obituary.

Event typeDateIndividual
Event11 August 1981Florence H. Klaasen



? - Zaagman Memorial Chapel, Grand Rapids, Kent Co., MI according to his obituary.

Event typeDateIndividual
Event6 December 1984James Stuart McCrath



Australia - NSW New South Wales - Brooklyn : 3 events


Event typeDateIndividual
Residence?Josephine Anderson Wolff

258 Carroll St., before marriage

Event typeDateIndividual
Residence?Florence Bessie Wolff (29)

258 Carroll St., says 1910 Census

Event typeDateIndividual
Residence1910Peter Victor Strom



Australia - QLD Queensland - Middletown : 6 events

Middlesex, CT

Event typeDateIndividual
Birth25 December 1855Mary S. Anderson
Birth1 January 1856William Anderson

MIddlesex, CT

Event typeDateIndividual
Birthabout February 1868Emma Anderson (59)

Middlesex, CT

Event typeDateIndividual
Birth25 June 1873Anna Anderson
Death26 June 1873Anna Anderson
Death26 June 1873Mary Anna Reginald? (119)



Australia - QLD Queensland - Stamford : 2 events

Fairfield Co., Connecticut according to son Robert's B.C.

Event typeDateIndividual
Residence16 September 1921Lorenz Henry Harms (28)
Residence16 September 1921Florence Bessie Wolff (29)



Australia - VIC Victoria - Baker : 1 event

Event typeDateIndividual
Occupation?Sipke Postma



Australia - VIC Victoria - Fairhaven : 1 event

Bristol, MA

Event typeDateIndividual
Birth23 March 1929Elaine Ensel Andrews



Australia - VIC Victoria - Hastings : 1 event

MI according to her mother, Carrie Freshney's obituary in 1965 & her father's obituary in 1954

Event typeDateIndividual
Residence22 March 1965Mary Lois Freshney



Belgium - ANV Antwerp - Hoboken 2660 : 9 events

Event typeDateIndividual
Residence?Otto Charles Morris Winke

NJ by Rev. Herman Brueckner

Event typeDateIndividual
Emigration30 July 1927Anna Auguste Minna Winke

725 Garden St., N.J.

Event typeDateIndividual
Residence?Robert Marquardt
Residence?Johanna Wilhelmine Helene Meyer

Between 12th & 13th on Park, N.J.

Event typeDateIndividual
Residence?Adolph Gressard

George Washington Smith of 532 Bloomfield St., age 24, white, number of marriages 1, electrician, born U.S.A., father William Smith, mother Amanda Hoff

Event typeDateIndividual
Marriage2 November 1912George Washington Smith with Anna Auguste Minna Winke

Minna J. A. Winke of 216 River St., age 21, white, number of marriage 1, birthplace Germany, father's name Julius Winke, mother's name Helene Meyer

Event typeDateIndividual
Marriage2 November 1912George Washington Smith with Anna Auguste Minna Winke

Second witness was Martha Marquardt, 216 River St., Mina's younger half-sister

Event typeDateIndividual
Marriage2 November 1912George Washington Smith with Anna Auguste Minna Winke

St. Matthew's Lutheran Church

Event typeDateIndividual
Event?Helene Anna Auguste Winke




Event typeDateIndividual
Birth?FNU Rouse
Birth? UNK
Birthabout 1814John A. Bennett
Marriagebefore 1902James O. Dorsey with Ida M. LNU
Residence24 March 2001Rose Lasausky
Residence24 March 2001Mary Lasausky
Residence24 March 2001Warren Judson Lasausky



Canada - Moved from Canada to the U.S.

Event typeDateIndividual
EmigrationJanuary 1876George Redfield Horton



Canada - Townsend, Canada West

Event typeDateIndividual
Birth1843Charles Stuart



Canada - BC British Columbia - VanCouver, according to his father John's obituary.

Event typeDateIndividual
Residence10 February 1910Lyman James McCrath



Canada - BC British Columbia - Vancouver

Event typeDateIndividual
Death1932Eliza Carell
Death1932Lyman James McCrath



Canada - ON Ontario

Event typeDateIndividual
Birthabout 1832Jason Burchill



Canada - ON Ontario - Essex S/Sud, Malden

Event typeDateIndividual
BirthJune 1902Violet Dorsey
BirthFebruary 1903Luta Dorsey
Birth1905Gladis Dorsey
BirthNovember 1909Lottie Mae Dorsey



Canada - ON Ontario - Kincardine, Bruce

Event typeDateIndividual
Birth27 November 1875William George Horton



Canada - ON Ontario - Stratford, Perth

Event typeDateIndividual
Birth1 December 1852Margaret Burchill



Canada - QC Québec - Black Lake

Event typeDateIndividual
Death28 July 1942Rose Roberge (63)



Canada - QC Québec - St. Adrienne

Event typeDateIndividual
Death?Arsene Pelletier (62)
Birth12 October 1897Liana Pelletier (31)
Marriage23 June 1919Raoul Chamberlain (30) with Liana Pelletier (31)



Canada - QC Québec - Thetford Mines

Event typeDateIndividual
Birth24 October 1898Raoul Chamberlain (30)
Death1913FNU Chamberlain (60)
Birth5 April 1920Charlotte Madeline Chamberlain (15)
Birth7 September 1921Guy Joseph Chamberlain
Death1932Phelia Chamberlain (61)



Danmark - Schleswig, Denmark

Event typeDateIndividual
Birth1 November 1824William C. Anderson (118)



France - ?

Event typeDateIndividual
Birth?Maggie Bernard



France - but Horton 1880 Fed. Census says France

Event typeDateIndividual
Event?Maggie Bernard



France - 68 Haut-Rhin - Winkel 68373 : 2 events

North Holland, The Netherlands

Event typeDateIndividual
Death?Arie Schaap
Burial?John Schaap



Georgia - Alma, Bacon

Event typeDateIndividual
Birth?Wilson Harrell



Georgia - Cummings, Forsyth

Event typeDateIndividual
Death1998Wilson Harrell




Event typeDateIndividual
Birth?Catharina Ulrich (229)
Birth?Anton Wolff (116)
Birth?Melchior Ulrich (228)
Birth?Anna Becker (117)
Birth?Anna Catharina Kroell
Birthabout 1813Catherina Becker (231)
Birthabout 1838Conrad Kroell
Birthabout 1841Wilhelmina Kroell
Birthabout 1843Johann Kroell
Birthabout 1845Wilhelm Kroell
Birthabout 1847Caroline Kroell
Birthabout 1864Ernest Bastian
Birthbetween 1809 and 1814Andrew Kroell (230)
Birthbetween 20 May and 23 December 1834Charles M. Wolff (58)



Germany - ?Altona

Event typeDateIndividual
Deathbetween 1868 and 1873Marie Dorothea Louise Gehle (113)



Germany - Altona

Event typeDateIndividual
Birth10 September 1868Heinrich Johann August Harms (56)



Germany - Emden

Event typeDateIndividual
Birthabout 1796Pieter Waalkes van Borssum



Germany - Emigrated with son Heinrich from Hamburg, Germany aboard Holsatia

Event typeDateIndividual
Event18 June 1873Peter Hinrich Harms (112)



Germany - Goldberg

Event typeDateIndividual
Birth9 February 1847Carl Reinhold Julius Winke



Germany - Grundlack, Mittelfranken, Bavaria (Bayern)

Event typeDateIndividual
Birth16 September 1829Lorenz Ulrich (114)



Germany - Hamburg II 403 Germany

Event typeDateIndividual
Birth21 January 1891Anna Auguste Minna Winke



Germany - Hamburg No. 2

Event typeDateIndividual
Birth9 June 1883Helene Anna Auguste Winke



Germany - Langestrasse, Kreis Cadenbege, Niedersachen

Event typeDateIndividual
Birth17 December 1841Johann Harms



Germany - Langestrasse, Kreis Cadenberge, Niedersachen

Event typeDateIndividual
Birth9 July 1802Rebekka Harms
Birth1 January 1837Peter Hinrich Harms (112)



Germany - Married Marie Dorothea Louise Gehle at St. Johannis Evangelical Lutheran Church, Altona

Event typeDateIndividual
Event27 September 1868Peter Hinrich Harms (112)



Germany - Nuremburg

Event typeDateIndividual
Birth5 January 1969Elizabeth Anne Olinick



Germany - Port in Anhals

Event typeDateIndividual
Birth14 April 1889Friedrich Otto Kuerbitz



Germany - Seitten(?)

Event typeDateIndividual
BirthJuly 1869Robert Marquardt



Germany - Son Heinrich born in Altona

Event typeDateIndividual
Event10 September 1868Peter Hinrich Harms (112)



Germany - St. Johannis Church, Altona

Event typeDateIndividual
Christening27 September 1868Heinrich Johann August Harms (56)



Germany - St. Johannis Evangelical Lutheran Church, Altona

Event typeDateIndividual
Marriage27 September 1868Peter Hinrich Harms (112) with Marie Dorothea Louise Gehle (113)



Germany - Wurtemberg

Event typeDateIndividual
Birth31 March 1831Charles J. Eberhardt



Germany - BW Baden-Württemberg - Baden : 2 events

Event typeDateIndividual
BirthOctober 1833Caroline J. LNU

Schleswig or Wuertemberg or Baden

Event typeDateIndividual
Birth5 January 1832Mary Anna Reginald? (119)



Germany - BY Bayern - Kohler : 1 event

Event typeDateIndividual
Event?Henry John Harms



Germany - HH Hamburg - Hamburg : 5 events

Event typeDateIndividual
Birth17 August 1852Johanna Wilhelmine Helene Meyer
Marriage17 November 1877Carl Reinhold Julius Winke with Johanna Wilhelmine Helene Meyer
Birth8 December 1877Sophie Auguste Winke
Birth3 February 1885Otto Charles Morris Winke
Death28 February 1892Carl Reinhold Julius Winke



Germany - HS Hessen - Frankfort : 1 event

Event typeDateIndividual
Birth1 July 1958Marc Lovett Harrell



Germany - MV Mecklenburg-Vorpommern - Baür : 1 event

Bauer, Ottawa Co., MI according to her mother Margaret's obituary

Event typeDateIndividual
Residence9 September 1919Lydia Hall



Germany - MV Mecklenburg-Vorpommern - Lutheran : 4 events

Event typeDateIndividual
Event?Martha Helene Johanna Marquardt
Event?Sophie Kroell (115)
Event?Catharine Anna Ulrich (57)
Event?Lorenz Ulrich (114)



Germany - NS Niedersachsen - Hannover : 1 event

Brewmaster in Hemmendorf

Event typeDateIndividual
Occupation?Johann Heinrich Hirschfeld (1814)



Germany - NS Niedersachsen - Hanover : 134 events

Event typeDateIndividual
Birthabout 1837Catherine LNU

Baker in Hemmendorf

Event typeDateIndividual
Occupation?Johann Conrad Schwarze (906)

Baptism, Hemmendorf

Event typeDateIndividual
Birth1 FEB 1705/06Baltzer Eßegern (Essegern)
Birth24 JAN 1706/07Hinrich Conrad Hirschfeld
Birth7 MAR 1711/12Conrad Eßegern (Essegern)
Birth10 JAN 1738/39Johann Julius Hirschfeld
Birth5 JAN 1741/42Christian Ludewig Hirschfeld
Birth21 JAN 1666/67Margareta Eßegern (Essegern)
Birth19 MAR 1672/73Ulrich Eßegern (Essegern)
Birth26 JAN 1674/75Balthasar Eßegern (Essegern)
BirthFEB 1680/81Anna Elizabeth Eßegern (Essegern)
Birth18 July 1671Elizabeth Eßegern (Essegern)
BirthAugust 1686Anna Sophia Hirschfeld
BirthOctober 1687Ilsa Maria Hirschfeld
Birth9 September 1689Anna Margaretha Hirschfeld
Birth7 July 1691Johann Heinrich Hirschfeld (1814)
Birth27 October 1693Catharina Magdalena Hirschfeld
Birth7 April 1702Ilsa Maria Hirschfeld
Birth18 November 1735Johann Friedrich Hirschfeld
Birth23 October 1744Ilsa Dorothea Margareta Hirschfeld

Cadenberge, Kreis Neuhaus

Event typeDateIndividual
Marriage6 July 1800Johann Harms (448) with Anna Margaretha Thumann (449)


Event typeDateIndividual
Burial25 April 1829Maria Adelheid Harms
Burial17 October 1829Catharina Harms
Confirmation1829Catharina Harms
Baptism26 December 1841Johann Harms
Death11 November 1852Maria Lunsmann (225)

Dragoon in Hemmendorf

Event typeDateIndividual
Occupation?Johann Julius Hirschfeld

Hemmendorf, German

Event typeDateIndividual
Death26 June 1818Carl August Rudolph Gehle


Event typeDateIndividual
Birth25 JAN 1747/48Justina Maria Regina Hirschfeld
Death6 FEB 1749/50Balthasar Eßegern (Essegern)
Birth25 FEB 1749/50Ilse Sophia Maria Hirschfeld (907)
Birth16 FEB 1751/52Johann Heinrich Hirschfeld
Death16 FEB 1751/52Johann Heinrich Hirschfeld
Death25 FEB 1751/52Ilsa Cathrina Eßegern (Essegern) (1815)
Baptism11 MAR 1677/78Hans Jürgen Eßegern (Essegern) (3630)
Burial1 JAN 1684/85Anna Elizabeth Eßegern (Essegern)
Burial1 JAN 1684/85Margareta Eßegern (Essegern)
BurialFEB 1688/89Ilsa Maria Hirschfeld
BurialJAN 1697/98Anna Maria Eßegern (Essegern)
Marriage1 October 1666Albert Eßegern (Essegern) (7260) with Anna Sophia Deters (7261)
BurialMay 1672Elizabeth Eßegern (Essegern)
Burial30 March 1673Ulrich Eßegern (Essegern)
BirthJune 1684Anna Maria Eßegern (Essegern)
Burial10 August 1684Albert Eßegern (Essegern) (7260)
Marriage2 December 1684Christian Friedrich Hirschfeld (3628) with Engel Maria Heineking (3629)
Birth18 December 1695Hinrich Wilhelm Hirschfeld
Burial24 December 1695Hinrich Wilhelm Hirschfeld
Burial27 December 1696FNU Hirschfeld
BirthDecember 1696FNU Hirschfeld
MarriageAugust 1704Hans Jürgen Eßegern (Essegern) (3630) with Ilsabey Steinborn (3631)
BurialJune 1706Anna Sophia Deters (7261)
Burial17 April 1713Conrad Eßegern (Essegern)
Birth4 June 1714Ilsa Cathrina Eßegern (Essegern) (1815)
Burial6 June 1718Hans Jürgen Eßegern (Essegern) (3630)
Burial14 May 1724Christian Friedrich Hirschfeld (3628)
Marriage20 May 1734Johann Heinrich Hirschfeld (1814) with Ilsa Cathrina Eßegern (Essegern) (1815)
Burial6 October 1743Engel Maria Heineking (3629)
Burial1 April 1749Justina Maria Regina Hirschfeld
Death12 March 1758Johann Heinrich Hirschfeld (1814)
Death8 September 1759Ilsa Maria Hirschfeld
Death21 January 1765Johann Julius Hirschfeld
Marriage11 January 1772Johann Conrad Schwarze (906) with Ilse Sophia Maria Hirschfeld (907)
Birth23 November 1773Sohia Dorothea Luise Schwarze
Birth15 February 1776Dorothea Maria Schwarze
Death3 December 1776Sohia Dorothea Luise Schwarze
DeathJune 1777Anna Sophia Hirschfeld
BirthDecember 1777Marie Elizabeth Schwarze (453)
Birth5 February 1780Sophia Luise Schwarze
Death14 November 1783Dorothea Maria Schwarze
Birth20 December 1785Dorothea Maria Schwarze
Birth12 July 1789Hanne Justine Caroline Schwarze
Death2 August 1790Ilse Sophia Maria Hirschfeld (907)
Marriage25 July 1793Johann Conrad Schwarze (906) with Sophia Charlotte Wießel
Birth3 July 1796Sophia Carolina Luise Schwarze
Death19 November 1798Sophia Carolina Luise Schwarze
Birth7 September 1799Johann Christian Schwarze
Death28 January 1800Johann Friedrich Hirschfeld
Birth5 May 1809Johann Friedrich Eberhard Schwarze
Death15 August 1817Johann Conrad Schwarze (906)
Death10 February 1837Sophia Charlotte Wießel
Death21 May 1858Sophia Luise Schwarze
Death15 May 1865Johann Friedrich Eberhard Schwarze
Death23 August 1865Dorothea Maria Schwarze
Death29 April 1879Johann Christian Schwarze

Jointer master in Hemmendorf

Event typeDateIndividual
Occupation?Johann Friedrich Eberhard Schwarze

Langestrasse, Kreis Cadenberge

Event typeDateIndividual
Birth9 May 1778Anna Margaretha Thumann (449)
Birth19 September 1803Andreas Harms
Birth27 October 1805Maria Harms
Birth21 January 1807Johann Harms (224)
Death26 July 1808Maria Harms
Birth14 April 1810Maria Adelheid Harms
Birth24 March 1813Anna Margaretha Harms
Birth22 May 1815Catharina Harms
Birth6 June 1817Claus Harms
Birth6 June 1817Metta Harms
Birth21 March 1820Maria Harms
Death17 November 1820Maria Harms
Death20 November 1820Claus Harms
Death20 September 1826Anna Margaretha Thumann (449)
Death21 April 1829Maria Adelheid Harms
Death13 October 1829Catharina Harms
Birth12 September 1835Johann Peter Harms
Death14 September 1835Johann Peter Harms
Birth14 July 1839Anna Margaretha Harms
Birth5 November 1843Metta Harms
Birth17 November 1845Claus Harms
Birth23 February 1848Catharina Harms
Death27 August 1850Johann Harms (448)
Birth25 September 1850Maria Harms
Death8 September 1859Johann Harms (224)

Lassronne, Kreis Winsen

Event typeDateIndividual
Marriage18 September 1842Christian Valentin Gehle (226) with Friederike Juliane Schutz(e) (227)
Birth25 October 1843Auguste Marie Antoinette Gehle
Birth25 October 1843Marie Dorothea Louise Gehle (113)


Event typeDateIndividual
Birth3 December 1804Wilhelm Catharina Sophia Elisabeth Schutz(e)
Baptism16 December 1804Wilhelm Catharina Sophia Elisabeth Schutz(e)
Birth20 December 1805Dorothea Friederica Wilhelmina Schutz(e)
Baptism23 December 1805Dorothea Friederica Wilhelmina Schutz(e)
Birth8 May 1808Anna Lisette Schutz(e)
Birth8 May 1808Eleonora Dorothea Schutz(e)
Baptism12 May 1808Anna Lisette Schutz(e)
Baptism12 May 1808Eleonora Dorothea Schutz(e)
Birth19 March 1810Wilhelm Daniel Schutz(e)
Baptism3 April 1810Wilhelm Daniel Schutz(e)
Birth7 July 1812Dorothee Auguste Lisette Schutz(e)
Baptism21 July 1812Dorothee Auguste Lisette Schutz(e)
Birth18 November 1813Friederike Juliane Schutz(e) (227)
Baptism11 December 1813Friederike Juliane Schutz(e) (227)
Marriage28 March 1826Wilhelm Schutz(e) (454) with Catharine Maria Siegmund (455)
Death15 January 1838Wilhelm Schutz(e) (454)
Death22 February 1845Catharine Maria Siegmund (455)


Event typeDateIndividual
Birth1671Ilsabey Steinborn (3631)


Event typeDateIndividual
Birth1776Johann Harms (448)


Event typeDateIndividual
Birth17 September 1823Carl Friedrich Gehle
Death20 September 1826Ernst Philipp Carl Gehle (452)



Indonesia - Bandoeng

Event typeDateIndividual
Birth16 June 1949Irene Dorothea Knoth




Event typeDateIndividual
Birth?Eliza Carell
Birth?FNU Carlin
Birth? UNK
Birth1857Mary Hunsburger



Ireland - County Cork

Event typeDateIndividual
Birthabout 1798Jason Burchill
Birthabout 1826Anne Burchill



Ireland - Donegal County

Event typeDateIndividual
Birth15 February 1808James McCrath



Ireland - Pat Halls says she was born in Cork

Event typeDateIndividual
Emigration?Maggie Bernard



Italia - Cerrato Santta, Italy

Event typeDateIndividual
Birth3 November 1948Candido Baldino



Italia - ? - Ne : 1 event

Culbertson, Hitchcock

Event typeDateIndividual
Birth2 August 1950Gery Dean Jankovits



Italia - ? - None : 4 events

Event typeDateIndividual
Occupation?Minnie Tenckinck
Occupation?Egberta Tenckinck
Occupation?Anna Auguste Minna Winke
Occupation?Florence Tenckinck



Japan - Secretary to the American Ambassador to Japan, according to his mother Sarah's interview by the Grand Rapids Press near her 100th birthday

Event typeDateIndividual
Occupation?James B. Davies




Event typeDateIndividual
Birth10 March 1879Anthony G. Grigel



Lithuania - Suwalka

Event typeDateIndividual
Birth6 September 1888Adella Olga Zubrickas



Luxembourg - Lac de la Haute Sûre - Harlingen : 2 events

Event typeDateIndividual
Divorce14 November 1877Hendrikus Gerhardus Tenckinck with Jantje Gerbens Velthuis
Divorce14 November 1877Hendrikus Gerhardus Tenckinck with Jantje Gerbens Velthuis



Netherlands - Amsterdam, Nord-Holland, The Netherlands

Event typeDateIndividual
Birthabout 1804Jacob van der Oudermeulen



Netherlands - Freedom Village, Holland, Ottawa, MI

Event typeDateIndividual
Marriage7 August 1999David Elliott with Sharon Lynn Spencer



Netherlands - Graafscap Cemetery, Holland, Ottawa Co., MI

Event typeDateIndividual
Burial?Egbert Heneveld
Burial?Jennie Zalmink



Netherlands - Graafschap Cemetery, Holland, Ottawa Co., MI

Event typeDateIndividual
Burial?Adelia Heneveld



Netherlands - Graafschap Cemetery, Holland, Ottawa Co., Michigan

Event typeDateIndividual
Burial?Ralph J. Schepers
Burial17 February 2000Augusta Ruth Heneveld



Netherlands - Graafschap Cemetery, Holland, Ottawa, MI

Event typeDateIndividual
Burial?Anna Nieuwsma (Nieusma)
Burial?George E. Heneveld
Burial31 July 2002Robert Louis Spencer



Netherlands - Grace Episcopal Church, 555 Michigan Ave, Holland, Ottawa, MI

Event typeDateIndividual
Event1 September 1991Carolyn Marie Kirchgessner



Netherlands - Holland, Ottawa Co., MI

Event typeDateIndividual
Residence24 March 2001Jill Lasausky



Netherlands - Holland, Ottawa, MI

Event typeDateIndividual
DeathMarch 1855Wilmina Dekker
Birth6 May 1881Jeanette Schepers
Death14 June 1888Egbert Heneveld
Marriage14 February 1901William George Horton with Jeanette Schepers
Death1921Adelia Heneveld
Death23 June 1930Hidde Hettes Nieuwsma
Death29 July 1933Jennie Zalmink
Death1943Ralph J. Schepers
Death5 May 1957Jantje Jan Dykstra
Marriage1 September 1991James Scott Donaldson with Carolyn Marie Kirchgessner
Death13 February 2000Augusta Ruth Heneveld
Death27 July 2002Robert Louis Spencer



Netherlands - Holland, Ottawa, Michigan

Event typeDateIndividual
Birth7 April 1949Dick Alverne Baumann
Birth28 February 1950Ronald Jay Baumann
Birth11 November 1954Barbara Ann Baumann
Birth17 February 1956Judith Lynn Baumann
Birth21 March 1958Cynthia Jayne Baumann
Birth25 August 1959Howard Jay Baumann
Birth28 July 1961Randall Lee Baumann
Birth26 February 1970Julie Lynn Baumann
Birth1 November 1971Michael Jon Baumann
Birth15 August 1975Kristen Joy Baumann
Birth22 August 1978Robert Allen Brouwer
Birth16 September 1979Charles Christopher Vander Zwaag
Birth15 December 1980Cortney Joy Baumann
Birth22 January 1981William Douglas Brouwer
Birth14 April 1981Peter Jay Baumann
Birth15 July 1981Bradley Stevenson Vander Zwaag
Birth3 November 1981Jamie Beth Baumann
Birth6 November 1983Jodi Ann Vander Zwaag
Birth11 January 1984Lacey Jo Baumann
Birth27 June 1984Katherine Anne Baumann
Birth6 August 1984Stephanie Jan Baumann
Birth8 January 1985Terry Lee Van Dyke
Birth28 February 1985Jennifer Jo Brouwer
Birth2 April 1985Howard Jay Baumann
Birth17 December 1985Sandra Noel Van Dyke
Birth30 April 1987Kacie Rae Baumann
Birth8 September 1987Sandra Lynn Van Dyke
Birth21 September 1988Kallie Lou Baumann
Birth10 May 1990Levi Randall Baumann
Birth19 June 1990Candece Jae Van Dyke
Birth1 October 1990Nicole Rose Baumann
Birth6 October 1990Brandon Mark Slagh
Birth28 September 1991Shelby Lynn Baumann
Birth31 October 1991Aaron James Hoeve
Birth25 November 1991Amberley Rose Baumann
Birth30 December 1992Kendra Lynn Slagh
Birth21 September 1995Kayla Joy Slagh
Birth16 March 1997Ellie Lou Baumann
Birth3 March 1999Hunter Michael Baumann
Birth22 July 2000Colin Jay Zoerhof
Birth24 July 2000Chloe Faith Baumann
Birth9 April 2002Madison Joyne Slagh
Birth25 June 2002Rachel Tamra Nienhuis
Birth13 November 2002Maci Kathleen Baumann



Netherlands - Pilgrim Home Cemetery, Holland, Ottawa Co., MI

Event typeDateIndividual
Burial?Jantje Jan Dykstra
Burial?Hidde Hettes Nieuwsma



Netherlands - Pilgrim Home Cemetery, Holland, Ottawa, Michigan(16th St.)

Event typeDateIndividual
Burial?Jeanette Schepers



Netherlands - Pilgrim Home Cemetery, Holland, Ottawa, Michigan

Event typeDateIndividual
Burial28 December 1939William George Horton



Netherlands - The Netherlands

Event typeDateIndividual
Birth?Lena Brusma
Birth?Samuel Stapert
Birth?Theresa Anderga
Birth?Johannes Folkersma
Birth5 May 1819Rev. Jacob R. Schepers
Birth13 October 1855Jeltje Folkersma
Birth1857Gertrude Riemersma
Birth1860Melchart Siebe Heering
Birthabout 1865Sipke Postma
Birth24 February 1876Herman D. Tenckinck
Birth2 November 1877Anthony Ver Merris
Birth2 February 1880Hattie Stapert
Birth1880Sarah Tenckinck



Netherlands - Wieldreght, The Netherlands

Event typeDateIndividual
Birth?Maaike Schaap
Birth?Heiltjle Schaap
Birth?Jacob Schaap
Birth?Arie Schaap
Birth?Ottilia Schaap
Birth?Gerrit Schaap
Birth?Wilmina Schaap
Birth?Teuntje Schaap
Birth?Lizabetta Schaap
Birth?Jan Schaap



Netherlands - DR Drenthe - Emmen 7800 : 3 events

Sleen, The Netherlands

Event typeDateIndividual
Birth31 January 1795Marrechien Knegtering
Birth16 November 1823Albert Lanning
Birth4 December 1825Klaas Lanning



Netherlands - DR Drenthe - Erm, Sleen, The Netherlands

Event typeDateIndividual
Birth19 February 1828Aaltien Lanning
Birth1 March 1831Jan Lanning
Death6 March 1832Jan Lanning
Birth7 April 1833Jantien Lanning
Death24 April 1833Jantien Lanning
Birth6 October 1835Jantien Lanning
Death21 April 1839Marrechien Knegtering



Netherlands - DR Drenthe - Noordsleen (Zweeloo), The Netherlands

Event typeDateIndividual
Death24 June 1817Aaltje Siebering



Netherlands - DR Drenthe - Noordsleen, The Netherlands

Event typeDateIndividual
Death19 December 1831Jan Lanning
Death29 November 1846Willemtien Lanning
Death12 April 1849Remmelt Lanning



Netherlands - DR Drenthe - Rolde, The Netherlands

Event typeDateIndividual
Birth25 May 1765Aaltje Siebering



Netherlands - DR Drenthe - Sleen, The Netherlands

Event typeDateIndividual
Birth1 May 1788Jan Riddering
Birth18 June 1788Willemtien Lanning
Birth12 September 1794Jan Lanning
Birth14 August 1797Remmelt Lanning
Birth25 May 1801Geessijn Lanning
Birth10 March 1805Hendirkje Lanning
Birth6 September 1805Gerberdina Menting
Marriage15 June 1822Hendrik Lanning with Marrechien Knegtering
Marriage24 May 1829Jan Riddering with Geessijn Lanning
Marriage10 July 1835Remmelt Lanning with Gerberdina Menting
Death26 April 1879Gerberdina Menting



Netherlands - DR Drenthe - Westerbork, The Netherlands

Event typeDateIndividual
Marriage7 August 1831Jacob Vrijs with Hendirkje Lanning



Netherlands - DR Drenthe - Zwiggeite (Westerbork), The Netherlands

Event typeDateIndividual
Death28 May 1845Hendirkje Lanning



Netherlands - FR Friesland - The Netherlands(poss. Ferwerd)

Event typeDateIndividual
Marriage?Hidde Hettes Nieuwsma with Jantje Jan Dykstra



Netherlands - FR Friesland - The Netherlands

Event typeDateIndividual
Birth1872Jennie Tenckinck
Birth29 May 1874Henry G. Tenckinck



Netherlands - FR Friesland - Achtkarspelen 9250 : 1 event

Fryslân, The Netherlands

Event typeDateIndividual
Death28 November 1882Hendrikus Gerhardus Tenckinck



Netherlands - FR Friesland - Arum, gemeente Wonseradeel, Fryslân, The Netherlands

Event typeDateIndividual
Birth25 September 1836Jantje Gerbens Velthuis



Netherlands - FR Friesland - Baarderadeel, Fryslân, The Netherlands

Event typeDateIndividual
Marriage21 May 1817Pieter Waalkes van Borssum with Gesina Catharina Tenckinck
Birth6 May 1822Jan van Borssum Waalkes
Birth21 May 1824Bouricius van Borssum Waalkes
Birth11 December 1826Oiko van Borssum Waalkes
Death20 February 1827Gesina Catharina Tenckinck
Death9 August 1830Egbertus HendrikusTenckinck



Netherlands - FR Friesland - Baijum, gemeente Menaldumadeel, Hennaarderadeel, Fryslân, The Netherlands

Event typeDateIndividual
Birth30 October 1828Grietje Klazes Schuurmans



Netherlands - FR Friesland - Barradeel, Fryslân, The Netherlands

Event typeDateIndividual
Marriage14 May 1853Kornelis Goffes Jensma with Metje Johannes Osinga
Marriage29 October 1853Louw Johannes Osinga with Antje Siedses Dijkstra
Death15 May 1882Kornelis Goffes Jensma
Death9 September 1893Metje Johannes Osinga
Death8 January 1900Antje Siedses Dijkstra
Death11 October 1912Louw Johannes Osinga

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