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Photos from the Horton Tree

In this section you will find not only photos dating back to the 1860s, but also birth, marriage, and death certificates, tombstones, obituaries, letters, and even a party invitation from 1875 (Mary Ella Ewing-McCrath).

To locate photos of a specific person, scan the alphabetical list in the left-hand column.  If the column isn't arranged alphabetically, click on the top of the column on "Sort by Name" for an alphabetical surname list.  Many photos have multiple subjects, some of whom may be listed as a secondary subject or not at all (room didn't permit).  In either case, those names won't be alphabetized.  For example, parents' photos may include children who can be discovered only by viewing the parents or siblings' photos.  Photos of females may be found under married as well as maiden names.

Any additions or corrections to this collection are welcome.  If you would like to add photos of the people on this website, either scan and e-mail or snail mail the photos to Bobbe.  If you have questions or corrections for any of the photos or their captions, please email Bobbe at bobbehort@aol.com.

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