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Wm. G. Horton, wife Jeanette Schepers, son J Wm. Horton
William George Horton,
wife Jeanette Schepers,
and son J William Horton

On this website we can share our research about the Horton and ancillary families, principally Nathaniel Horton, 1794-1860, and his descendants and ancestors from Chester, Morris, NJ, >  Arcadia, Wayne, New York > Kincardine, Ontario, Canada > Blendon Twp., Ottawa, Michigan. Other family names include Eardley, Ewing, Heneveld, Harms, Kemp, McCrath, Menard, Probasco, Riggs, Schaap, Schepers, Spencer, Tenckinck, and Ver Merris.

George Redfield Horton, father of Wm. G.
George Redfield Horton (1837-1880), father of Wm. G. Horton (1875-1939)

As all genealogists know, family histories are dynamic and evolutionary, so bookmark this site and return often.  Not only will the research be updated, but new photos and memorabilia are being added monthly.  My research combined with your contributions to the family tree will help to keep the data fresh and exciting. While you are here, be sure to read about the Horton DNA project, a study with visionary possibilities.

Navigation Pointers: You may search amongst the over 1600 different surnames on this site.  All of the surnames on the alphabetical lists read across rather than down each column of names.  Women are listed by their maiden name.

You will find that living individuals are noted as "Surname Living".  Vital statistics for living individuals are noted with a "(?)" following this.  A question mark is a place holder to hide the person's vital statistics for privacy purposes.